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Transfer 8mm To Dvd - How to Transfer 8mm to dvd discs at Home

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Many people today have some older movie or film reels that are made with the old 8mm type of film. Most of these reels contain footage of old family movies that may include people that are no longer around. With the new technology of video players it would be nice to have these movies available in a more convenient format that people could actually view. There are some ways to transfer 8mm to dvd discs. In order to do any type of film transfer involving this type of media you will need a camcorder of some type.

One way to get your movies onto a disc is to project it onto a regular screen made for this type of movie film viewing. While the movie is playing you use your camcorder to record what is playing on the screen onto a disc. This is the easiest method to use, but leaves the picture quality of the finished product in poor shape. This is because when the film is played out on a projection screen the pixels become spread out over a large surface often making the images blurry and out of focus.

The way to create a disc with better image quality is to use a film transfer box. This is a small unit that you place your reel of film inside of to play much in the same manner as it would on a projector. The difference is it is not projected or shown on a large screen, but is projected onto a smaller screen located inside the box. There is a viewing area where you can watch what is being played in the transfer box. This is also where you can focus the lens of your camcorder to record the movie as it plays inside the box.

The 8mm to dvd transfer box is what the professionals use who take people’s old reels and place them onto discs. Because the picture inside the box is much smaller than the one projected on a screen, the image quality is a lot clearer so you get a sharp clear movie for your finished product. Depending on the type of machine you purchase to transfer your film with it may allow you to take still shots of the reel so you can print out actual photos from your reel of film.

Some of the different features you may see on these transfer boxes for 8mm film include various degrees of sound quality. This will depend on the quality of the actual film that was created and can often be adjusted to a certain degree. You will also see some machines that allow you to zoom in a an area of the film. The high end machines used to transfer 8mm film to dvd discs will include the regulation of flicker. The flicker is what occurs when film being transferred begins to vary in the light or brightness it contains. This can be controlled through the machines shutter device to help reduce the degree of flicker on the finished product.

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