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Tri Band Phones - Ever Wonder What Tri Band Phones Are?

the frequencies the current situation

The term tri band phones has become something of a buzz word of late. Unless someone has been leaving under a rock for the last several years, he has probably heard of these tri band phones. However even though people have heard of tri band phones, that does not mean that they actually have any idea what those items actually are. The words tri band describe the fact that those particular phones that operate on a certain type of frequency.

Different frequencies are used to operate different types of cell phones by different cell phone manufacturing companies to connect the subscribers to their phone services. Many phones utilize programming that will only allow the devices to work on a mere one to two frequencies. The amount of frequencies and the types of frequencies that can be utilized by each particular phone handset have a profound affect on what sort of coverage that the phone service subscriber is able to get. For this reason, the frequency of the phone is very important, especially for people in rural or sparsely networked areas.

The Frequencies

There are actually only four main frequencies that are used to connect the people to their cellular network services. The two major frequencies that are the MSG prevalent on the continent of North America are frequency 1900 and frequency 850. In other parts of the globe, the big frequencies are frequency 1800 and frequency 850. Because of the difference in frequencies, most cellular phones from the United States will not work in other parts of the world and vice versatile.

Tri Band Phones

The wonderful thing about tri band phones is that the tri band phones can actually work on three different frequencies. This means that the users of these tri band phones can take their phones overseas on their travels and still be able to use them without any inconvenience or coverage and reception problems. It also means that the tri band phones can actually pick up another frequency to complete a phone call in areas that are prone to connectivity issues. One of the most popular tri band phones is the Nokia 6300.

Tri band phones are necessities for people who are frequent international travelers. Having a phone that can connect to a cellular network and make calls to family and friends in one’s home country can provide a great feeling of security in a frightening situation.

The Current Situation

With today’s technology, it is very common for the average cellular phone to support multiple frequency bands. This way, people can roam in other countries. The new quad band phones can cover all four of the major frequencies that are used to transport cellular phone signals. Because of this fact, these phones have earned the nickname of world phones. However, there are countries that do not support the GSM technology. One of these is Japan. For this reason, the moniker of world phone may be needlessly misleading. The non-GSM countries are, however, in the minority by a wide margin. However, multiple-moody phones can actually be used for GSM calling in addition to calling with the aid of other sorts of technology that is utilized in countries like Japan. Nokia makes a popular model of this phone that is sold in the United States of America and other countries throughout the world.

The Phone of Tomorrow is Here

With the prevalence of tri band phones, quad band phones, multiple-moody phones, and the like, it is clear to see that the world is becoming a smaller, more tightly-knit place. One can only hope that these astonishing advances in communication technologies herald the beginning of a global friendliness or human unity that will effectively end the practices of war and cruelty in our time. There is one thing that everyone can agree is for the better. That one thing is ghat these phones that utilize more than one or two frequencies are extremely useful in combating the scorch of lost signals and areas of poor reception. Wiping out these important connectivity issues is something that will make quite a large difference in the everyday lives of average global citizens around the world. Tri band phones are an integral piece in making this a reality.

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