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Usb Serial Port Adapter - What Are the Advantages of Using Serial Port Adapters?

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Universal Bus ports to serial port adapters allow newer devices to be used with older computers. Serial ports and parallel ports where the primary methods that computers used to communicate with peripheral devices before the USB format became more popular.

At one time, serial ports were used for both printers and modems. The invention of the parallel port focused the burden to communications devices such as modems. New modems often offer both devices, although a device that allows a computer to communicate over the phone line has become less of a necessity since high-speed Internet connections became widely available.

A USB serial port adapter allows a person to use older peripheral devices, such as a modem, printer, or a PDA synchronization unit with computers that do not come equipped with a serial port. Some computers may contain such a port for legacy usage, although the Network card has taken over the telecommunications purpose that the modem that plugged into the serial port used to serve.

A user may notice a slight decline in the speed of the transfer of data when using this type of cable. The new USB 2.0 ports offer a significant speed advantage over the old serial ports. If a computer does not support this type of interface, there is still a slight difference in the transfer rate, but it will not matter unless large amounts of data need to be transferred.

Most USB serial port adapters are the type that includes a 9-pin end on one end. While the devices made just before USB connections took over typically used a 9-pin configuration, older devices, such as some modems used a 25-pin connection. Serial USB adapters can be found in a 25 pin configuration, but it is usually easier to buy a 9-pin to 25-pin adapter to attach to the end of the cable.

The USB end of the connection is stable and the most common problem comes from pins bending on the end. If a pin bends, a user can sometimes fix it by using tweezers to gently pull it back. In most cases it is easier to replace the cord if a user still needs to have a newer computer communicate with a serial device.

The connectors allow a user to use serial devices with almost any modern computer, although the Macintosh, Linux and Windows computers will be the most common operating system options. These devices are also ideal for people who need to coordinate data with their newer netbooks.

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