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Wedding Disposable Cameras - The Benefits of Using Wedding Disposable Cameras

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Couples planning their wedding are constantly in search of unique and creative ideas to set their event apart and give it unique flair while creating lasting memorable moments. Few items will live beyond the event with the exception of mementos, photographs and videos. As such, a trend towards supplying guests with wedding disposable cameras has become prevalent at receptions across the country. Often placed on tables, these cameras will be used to capture candid moments which the official event photographer might otherwise miss. Before committing to this additional event enhancement, couples should research options, analyze costs and weight the benefits of supplying wedding disposable cameras.

Providing disposable cameras to guests may seem like an excellent idea at first. However, with detailed research, couples may decide it is not a viable solution for their own personal special event. As cameras are extremely light sensitive, and many wedding receptions are held in low lit environments, the desired outcome may be less than desired and anticipated. Alternatively, so long as cameras are purchased with flash capabilities, a dimly lit environment can potentially be overcome. Couples should research disposable camera offerings and realize that many branded as “wedding disposable cameras” may not be as suitable for events as they are marketed. Instead, purchasing standard disposable cameras, not branded for use at weddings, may be a more practical and cost-effective solution. When researching options, couples should also inquire to the age/expiration date of disposable cameras. Nothing would be worse than purchasing cameras past their prime unable to complete the desired task given aged film or stale batteries. Thorough research should position couples to make an intelligent decision to offer wedding disposable cameras at their wedding celebration.

The cost of offering wedding disposable cameras is another element to this popular reception trend that couples should consider. Initially, there is the cost of purchasing and possibly shipping cameras. After the reception, there is the cost of developing pictures from the event. Depending on the size of the wedding, number of cameras purchased and ultimately exposed, the cost of transferring the images from camera to reality may be an expensive proposition. As a wide variety of individuals will have access to the cameras, at varying points during the event, different cameras may have varied levels of exposure. While most picture development costs are based on the actual number of images, many cameras may sit dormant until the couple can finish off the camera to justify picture development.

The decision to offer wedding disposable cameras should take into consideration with completed research and thorough cost analysis. If a couple intends to use the cameras in lieu of a professional photographer, the expense will be well justified. Typically, offering cameras and ensuing photograph development costs will be far less than the cost of a professional event photographer. However, couples will risk quality at the expense of cost. Most wedding planners and bridal consultants would agree that wedding disposable cameras should be used as an event enhancement, not a replacement for a professional wedding photographer. Additionally, the event location and natural lighting should be considered when planning to offer disposable wedding cameras. As guests will vary in experience, age and talent at capturing the special moments of a wedding, couples should not set high expectations for the resulting photographs. By and large, for every 50 images printed and developed, two or three will be memorable moments that the couple holds on to as endearing moments.

Putting wedding disposable cameras in the hands of guests can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, whenever possible, couples should not look to trust the photographic capture of their wedding to the novice hands of guests and disposable cameras. A trained professional photographer should be enlisted to ensure the quality and timelessness that most couples desire in their wedding day pictures. The benefits of using wedding disposable cameras are many under the right circumstances and with proper expectation. Couples will often find candid moments that their professional photographer might have otherwise missed, or a focal point of the event as seen through the eyes of a guest. When planning a wedding, couples should consider the benefits of offering wedding disposable cameras and how it will play into their special day.

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