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Western Digital Support - Western Digital Support Increases Chances of Data Recovery

drive hard system information

Though it happens with every brand, Western Digital included, hard drive crashes are a pain. While Western Digital products are exceptionally well crafted, the support team expects a certain measure of track corruptions, read/write head problems, and other media failures. For this reason, Western Digital provides online support that is purposefully designed to ease the data restoration process, lessen the recovery time, and sometimes even prevent crashes from occurring.

Warnings of an Impending Hard Drive Crash

Before jumping into the concept of Western Digital crash recovery, take notice of the warnings that accompany an impending hard drive crash. The following warning symptoms should prompt any user to initiate an immediate data backup process:

1. Random full-system freeze-ups. We are talking complete system lockup such that all screen activity and keyboard input ceases.
2. Continuous system boot errors. This involves system lockups that occur at random points of the boot process.
3. Clicking sounds from within the computer. Address this issue quickly.
4. Suddenly whirling sounds during the middle of system operations. This is a sign of unnecessary hard drive power-ups.
5. Erratic file activity. This includes strange characters that show up in file names, icons that vanish from the desktop, complications during file saves, and unusually long waits before a file will open.
6. Specific messages that relate to the condition of your hard drive. This includes notices of format errors, an abundance of bad sectors reported by scandisk, or missing operating system reports during boot-up.
7. Unexpected self-reboots. Automatic system reboots should never be a pattern.
8. The system BIOS misidentifies the size of your hard drive. Western Digital support claims that this is correctable.
9. The BIOS cannot see your hard drive. This implies physical hard drive damage.

For the sake of convenience, this list has also included symptoms that exceed the nature of a mere warning. It also includes warnings that are not limited to hard drive failure. For example: A frozen system may mean bad hard drive sectors; it may also mean a virus infection, a device driver error, or any number of other hardware complications. In some cases, faulty partitioning software may cause unexpected hard drive issues that can be corrected through the application of proper Western Digital partitioning tools.

First Stage of Repair

If at all possible, backup your documents directory to an external device. Follow that up with a full system backup. If the operating system is damaged, try booting from a DVD that contains hard drive backup software such as can be found at Paragon Software.

Dealing With a Drive That is Not Accessible

Western Digital support software such as the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool kit may imply the ability to correct certain hard drive failure issues. Disregard the concept. Once a hard drive has exhibited the warnings of a mechanical or digital crash, do not trust that hard drive with your important data. Even the process of reinstalling Windows is too aggravating to trust to an error-prone hard drive. Count in the frustration that is involved in loading and updating all of your favorite programs, correcting email information, and customizing all of the desktop features, and you will be disappointed by a reconditioned Western Digital hard drive.

This is not due to poor support by Western Digital. The company provides a comprehensive hard drive support center. They include in-depth support for each and every hard drive that they manufacture. The Data Lifeguard Diagnostics tool kit makes easy the task of examining a Western Digital hard drive. The onsite Q&A section digs down into the root of most Western Digital hard drive complications. The power to squeeze back loss information is readily available.

Yet any error that is not clearly apart from the hard drive itself should be considered a critical error. This means count repair as impossible. Get what information you can while you can, and then dump the old drive. Even when the computer user is fully prepared with a complete system backup, the cost of a new hard drive is considerably lower than the cost of information restoration.

For further information on Western Digital support, visit the source at http://support.wdc.com/?wdc_lang=en.

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