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Wireless Prepaid Phones - Features of Wireless Prepaid Phones

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Cell phones have become a necessity. In part because everyones lifestyle has changed and families are more involved in activities outside their home, and always on the run. The almost in existent public phone is testament that people have gone wireless and even dropping their landlines or home phones. Cell phones have captured the young generations as well, as opposed to decades ago when businessmen and women used them most. The convenience, flexibility, and mobility of cell phones are here to stay. Gadgets and applications have made cell phones more engaging and popular with any age group. Technology keeps growing at an accelerated pace and more applications are created. However, all this comes with a price tag, and for a family of three or more it can become truly expensive. Here is where wireless prepaid phones make an entrance.

Although there are many contracts and share plans that are made to save money to large families, the bills get high and most contracts are two-year agreements, which have a large early cancellation fee attached to them. Wireless prepaid phones solve this issue, as there is no contract to fulfill.

Another great feature of wireless prepaid phones is that they are prepaid, so you can control your usage better, and save money that way. Some companies offer unlimited prepaid plans with a monthly fee of around $50, which may include unlimited talk, text, and no hidden fees or taxes, among other features. Other companies offer different plans of prepaid phone services with different features. Many of these companies offer a variety of calling features and a good selection of cell phones with the latest technology. Some companies have more expensive cell phones than others have and might not offer discounts on the phone purchase. While some wireless prepaid phone services might have a good coverage or range, others may have poor reception, a patchy network or dropped calls.

Some companies have plans with rollover minutes if you buy more time before they expire. Some prepaid plans start as low as $10 for 30 minutes; however, this is not much for people who use their phone often and talk or text a lot. This plan would become expensive for people who go through more than 200 minutes a month and most people use more than that amount of minutes. However, it offers an excellent choice for a person who uses a cell phone for emergencies only, and is not a phone talker. It is a great choice for people who use their home line for most of their calls.

Some of the wireless prepaid companies offer great customer service and some even have smart phones available as choices. Just as some companies offer you better and more advance phones than others do, they also offer less or more expensive prepaid plans. Therefore, it is very important to shop around and compare services, not only between prepaid plans, but between regular plans as well, depending if you are a heavy cell phone user or not, and if your goal is to save more money or having the flexibility of paying as you use the minutes.

If you do not care about fancy phones with bells and whistles, some of these companies offer you basic phones for as low as $10, but do not expect any fun features with it. Some wireless prepaid phone plans will offer free international long distance to as many as 82 countries, a feature well worth to explore. Other companies offer a prepaid plan for a year where minutes will not expire for up to that period if you do not use them. Some offer your 1,000 minutes for $100, others 400 minutes for the same amount. However, some of these prepaid plans do not offer free nights and weekend calling.

Some companies that offer wireless prepaid phone services are T-Mobile, Verizon, TracFone, Boost Mobile, and others.

The best wireless prepaid plan should have the right combination of flexibility in rate plans, a good selection of phones, and good network reception with clear voice quality. In addition, it should match your calling pattern best.

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