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Wireless Router With Print Server - Getting Hooked Up With a Wireless Router With Print Server

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A Wireless router with a print server will give you wireless Internet access for your home or office space while simultaneously giving you the ability to wirelessly connect with a shared printer for easy access when you need to print documents. Cisco’s popular Linksys line of wireless routers include print servers that let you hook up a printer via USB cable, eliminating the need to dedicate a computer to your company printer. A print server connects directly to your wireless network, allowing multiple computers access to the same printer, an economical way to save on ink and electricity costs in an office situation. You no longer have to leave an idle computer running just so you can have access to a printer on your local area network. With multiple users sharing the same printer over wireless connectivity, you only have one machine to repair and maintain, as opposed to the high cost of maintaining several printers. In addition, you save on space for your office, and the cost of paper. Best of all, you’re not wasting electricity on a computer that’s not being used, or waiting to use the printer. A Cisco Linksys Wireless Print Server can handle and relay multiple print jobs, and now that you’re wireless, you can save space from all those cords you were using before. A wireless router with a dedicated print server will help your small business to get more done in any given day, letting you focus on the bigger picture. Typical features in a wireless print server include a USB 2.0 port, a reset button, one antenna, 3.3 dBi antenna gain, 128-bit security encryption, WEP, WPA, or WPA2 security functionality, and support for all standard wireless frequencies. The Linksys WPSM54G Wireless-G USB Print Server is available new or refurbished for only $51. The D-LINK RangeBooster G Multifunction Print Server is available for as little as $48, and features a transmission speed of up to 108 mbps, utilizes EEE 802.11b/g and Wi-Fi – IEEE 802.11b/g technology, for security, it has 64/128-bit WEP Wi-Fi Protected Access, one detachable antenna with reverse SMA, and more.

Wireless technology has advanced to the point where it’s easy to get a lot done without the use of cables and multiple PC and monitor setups. As time goes on, even more of what we do each day will be done through the use of wireless technology. Everything from the way we use the telephone to how we buy groceries has been impacted for the better by the use and implementation of wireless technology. You can now get directions to anywhere from anywhere using your wireless cell phone, access your home PC from your laptop when you’re away on business via P2P technology, and so much more. It is of the natural evolution of this progress in technology that we now have conveniences like wireless printer technology, enabling companies and individuals to save hundreds per year on extra printer purchase costs, paper and ink costs, repair and maintenance costs, too. As the world advances faster and faster, businesses will have to go faster in order to catch up. Is it any wonder that we now make full use of these time and money saving technologies, such as wireless routers with print servers? Wireless technology has made it possible for us to talk to people who are outside of our own atmosphere, people on the other side of the world, and all with very little delay. Wireless technology has changed the world and is continuing to change the world, making it possible for communication to happen a lot faster than we ever thought possible. The availability of multi-function printers means that you can also send a fax, scan a photo, and so much more, from the comfort of your computer desk via wireless router with print server. It is very easy to multiply your daily productivity by a factor of two or more with this convenient technology, and when multiplied on an individual basis times the sum of an entire work department, that means much more productivity and a better bottom line for your corporation or small business. A wireless router with print server is a great addition to any office or home business.

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