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Jenn Air Gas Range - Advantages of Cooking on a Jenn-Air Gas Range

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When shopping for a new kitchen range, the variety of choices available can make the selection a daunting task. Many consumers find that after carefully considering the options and weighing the factors that are most important for how they cook, a model from the line of Jenn-Air gas ranges is the best fit.

The first decision facing anyone looking to purchase a kitchen range is whether to opt for a gas or electric model. Dual-fuel ranges also exist, featuring gas burners with an electric oven, but because they carry a higher price tag and require both a special electrical circuit and a gas line, they are not a cost-effective solution for the typical household.

Electric ovens claim an edge by heating more evenly than their gas counterparts. Technological improvements in modern gas ovens, combined with advancements in better-conducting cookware, make this advantage negligible.

Gas ranges counter with advantages of their own. Gas heat is more responsive. An electric heating element takes time to warm up and does not immediately cool down when the setting is reduced. A gas flame can instantly achieve its maximum heat output and can be reduced or turned completely off just as quickly. The visible flame allows the cook another measure of burner heat control beyond the calibrated dial.

A gas range is more economical to operate. Although exact costs will vary depending on local utility rates and the manner in which the appliances are used, it is not uncommon for a gas range to produce an energy bill half the size of an electric range.

Jenn-Air gas ranges possess a multitude of benefits. The convenience of electronic ignition can be combined with the safety of Jenn-Air’s Flame-Sensing™ Re-ignition. The infinite settings possible with the burner controls on a Jenn-Air gas range mean that a chef need not be forced to choose between a heat that is too high or too low for the current cooking task. Sealed burners aid cleanup of any spills.

Consumers can choose from a variety of options offered by Jenn-Air. Gas ranges are available in widths from 48 to 30 inches, as free standing or slide-in models, and featuring convection baking. A downdraft Jenn-Air gas range can be installed in those kitchens where an overhead hood is not practical. The wide array of available features like a rapid oven preheat mode, temperature probe, saving of favored settings, and delayed start when cooking or cleaning satisfy any shopper. The 48” gas range from Jenn-Air even comes with a secondary oven for greater flexibility when entertaining.

Whether the consumer is an aspiring chef or just desires convenience in getting a meal from the stove to the table, the feature-rich suite of Jenn-Air gas ranges offers the perfect kitchen addition.

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