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Cuisinart Dlc 7 - Cuisineart DLC 7 Withstands The Test Of Time

blade slicing makes chopping

For a reliable food processor with a generous lifespan, the cuisinart dlc 7 model has been around for almost 50 years. Its solid dependability makes it a valuable asset in any kitchen. Changing parts for dicing, chopping, slicing, blending, and whisking takes little time and makes food preparation much faster. Various style covers with central or larger feed tubes add to the convenience. The larger size allows for less prep time. Adapters can be added for a smaller size feed tube if it is needed.

Making homemade pizza at a fraction of the store bought cost is easy with the cuisinart dlc 7. A yeast dough is mixed in a snap for homemade pizza with this machine. Transfer dough to a separate, greased bowl for raising after blending. Remove the dough blade and add the thin or standard slicing disc to the cuisinart dlc 7 to slice pepperoni. Store bought chunk cheese is generally cheaper than the already shredded version. Replace the slicing disc with the medium shredding disc for an economical and easy way to get freshly shredded mozzarella cheese. A change to the chopping blade, a few quick pulses, and chopped onion and green peppers are ready as toppings. Whatever you like will be a breeze.

Variations of the slicing discs come in handy slicing vegetables for different thicknesses when blanching and freezing or for dehydrating purposes whether a very thin or thicker cut is desired. Soups and stews chock full of vegetables have less exposure time with air and therefore retain more nutritional value to foods. The shredding disks are perfect for your choice size grating cabbage and carrots for slaw. Use the fine shredder for very finely, grated Parmesan block cheese providing a pop of flavor to dishes.

For those wanting a healthy sprinkle in their fruit smoothie, the chopping blade can pulverize whole flax seed. Oatmeal grinds to a more palatable flour-like consistency for drinks for those wanting to help control cholesterol who don’t like oatmeal as a cereal. Already made foods for babies or those with eating disabilities can be made easier to digest by adding a little liquid and using the shopping blade to make a creamier texture of your choice.

The adaptability of the cuisinart dlc 7 for other than traditional food processor usage makes less clutter in the kitchen due to versatility. Additional parts can be attached below the lid with the whisk attachments added for whipping up egg whites for tasty meringues and divinity candies or just a standard cake batter. The generous sized, enclosed bowl makes less chance of spatter so clean up is limited. No separate mixer with beaters is needed.

Even crafters can benefit from the ease the cuisinart dlc 7. Food safe dried flowers or herbs can be pulsed with the chopping blade and added for colorful or scented, handmade papers.

Access to parts for the cuisinart dlc 7, as well as other models, is made even handier with a convenient holder for blades, slicers, and extra parts needed for perfect all around convenience and less time spent searching for kitchen tools. For shelf storage, the locking, covered containment system will hold 2 blades, 3 discs, and a detachable disc stem. For replacing parts for an older cuisinart dlc 7, order parts for the custom 14 cuisinart. The two are interchangeable with slight variation of an oval based bowl and lid. Replacement parts and additional attachments can be found online at reasonable prices.

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