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Dcs Gas Range - Essential tips for purchasing and using a DCS gas range

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DCS is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after companies in the cooking industry due to their consistent and ever growing line of quality cooking ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, gas grills, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, warming drawers, and vent hoods. They have received positive feedback and lavish praise from a number of professional chefs and restaurant operators, and recent reductions in their prices have made products from DCS more affordable than ever for the average consumer, who may not necessarily have thousands of dollars to spare for the chance to cook at a higher level.

Part of what makes DCS cooktops so revolutionary is their dual flow burning technology. This technology has been enjoyed by gas using professionals for years, as it allows cooks to create masterpieces while cooking with extremely low heat levels. The levels of heat required on DCS cooking ranges are often far less than the levels available from most other range manufacturers on the cooking market. As a result, you have an increased ability to boil, stew, and simmer any dishes you have on your stovetop without worrying needlessly about whether or not you will have to deal with scorched or burned foods the moment you turn to attend to something else in the kitchen. This kind of control is difficult to achieve through any other cooking technology beside induction stove tops, which are still significantly more expensive than many people can afford in today’s market. This article will discuss some tips for purchasing and using a high quality DCS gas range on your next cooking project.

Perhaps the first thing to keep in mind when in the market for a DCS gas range is that they come in different sizes and can be substantially larger than you expected if you have not seen or used one before. The current range of gas ranges available from DCS come in 30 inch, 36 inch, and 48 inch widths, with 4, 5, or 6 burners. If you do not measure the dimensions of your kitchen space before bringing one home, you might find yourself in a difficult situation because the gas range will not necessarily fit a standard sized oven space. The smallest standard DCS gas ranges are the 30 inch wide models, and they typically come with 5 sealed dual flow burners and offer at least 4 full cubic feet of oven space. It is a good idea to measure the dimensions of your kitchen as well as any doors you would have to get the gas range through when bringing it into your apartment or home to make sure you will not have any trouble with the installation process. Do not forget that you will also need to leave room for the gas line, as well as for the electric power source. Additionally, it is a good idea to leave extra space behind a large appliance such as a gas range to reduce the risk of fire or dangers from poor ventilation. You should also take into account the weight of the DCS gas range itself; you can expect a typical range to be approximately 3 feet high, 2 and a half feet wide, 2 and a half feet deep, and 380 pounds in weight.

Some final tips to keep in mind when in the market for a DCS gas range is that you will need a class ABC fire extinguisher to deal with any fires that occur when using it. While safety is always important when in the kitchen or when working with large appliances, it is particularly important to be safety conscious when working with a large gas appliance, as they can quickly generate life threatening explosions if left unattended or handled without care. When you install the gas range, one of the first things you should ask your installer is where the gas supply shut off valve can be found so you will have the knowledge and ability to turn off the gas supply to the appliance in an emergency. Remember that you should not smell any gas once the range is installed and turned off; if you smell any, the installer will not have properly checked for leaks in your house.

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