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Harry Potter Movie Trailer - Seventh Harry Potter Movie Trailer Unveiled

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These days, everyone has heard the name Harry Potter. The boy wizard has captured the hearts of readers around the world, and thanks to the movie industry’s habit of taking most every popular book or book series and turning it into a motion picture event, he’s captured the imagination of viewers as well. The movies, based upon the seven dictionary thick volumes that are rumored to have outsold Bibles, are impressively long, featuring on all star, all British cast, in accordance with the wishes of author J.K. Rowling herself, not to mention a rather impressive array of special effects and filmography. Six of the seven novels have already reached the silver screen – now all the remains is the illusive seventh installment. Only recently, the seventh Harry Potter movie trailer has at last reached clamoring Potter fans everywhere, becoming available on such popular fansites as MuggleNet.com, not to mention the ever multipurpose YouTube.

Like any other than movie trailer, the Harry Potter movie trailer summarizes the film and showcases its highlights for would-be film goers. And like its predecessors, the long anticipated trailer for the seventh and final film makes generous use of smoky visuals and dark, orchestral music to create a sense of magic, mystery, and breathtaking adventure. However, this particular Harry Potter movie trailer stands apart from the rest, since it advertises the conclusion to this whopping seven part series of films. This latest Harry Potter movie trailer advertises the upcoming film as a thrilling conclusion to the “worldwide phenomenon.” Indeed, the movie – apparently to accommodate the sheer scope and amount of content present in the seventh novel of the series – will in fact be split into two separate installments, to be released on two separate dates. Yet despite this unheard of approach to adapting a Potter novel, the seventh Harry Potter movie trailer is no longer – or for that matter, shorter – than any of the other Harry Potter movie trailers. While it may surprise some veteran movie goers to see what essentially amounts to two films relying on one trailer for advertisement and promotion, the wild and almost never before seen popularity of the entire Harry Potter franchise should be more than enough to draw in a healthy amount of viewers – certainly enough to turn quite a profit.

This latest Harry Potter movie sports a trailer that opens with the beloved boy wizard facing his arch nemesis, the terrifying snake-faced Lord Voldemort, a red-eyed mass murderer who mocks the teenaged Harry as “the boy who lived,” informing the youth that this so-called “boy who lived” will die at long last. Other scenes from the film – or rather, films, plural – feature the standard array of action sequences, adventuring, and of course, an obligatory dollop of romance, as Harry is show planting a passionate kiss on Ginny Weasley, his designated love interest and younger sister of his best friend Ron. Unlike the trailers for the early Potter films, this one features a decidedly grim ambience, and could almost be mistaken as a trailer for the latest supernatural thriller or horror and suspense feature. It certainly doesn’t seem to speak to the youngest bracket of Potter fans, many of whom may be frightened by the dark cinematography, not to mention the ghoulish appearance of the villains – particularly the infamous Lord Voldemort – as well as apparent adult themes present in the trailer, most notably violence.

One notable feature of the trailer – aside from the obvious fact that it’s one trailer doing the work of two, advertising what will no doubt be two very long movies – is the change in the usual sequence of music present in most Harry Potter movie trailers. Although the standard musical score remains familiar, and the melody more or less the same, this theme has been “remixed” to an extent to give the entire viewing experience of the trailer a more “epic” feel – as perhaps befits the conclusion to the Potter series. In line with that tactic, the trailer itself encourages viewers to watch the movies in 3D. In any case, if this first glimpse of the trailer is any indication, the final installment to the Harry Potter of silver screens will be quite the cinematic experience.

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