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Gaggia Espresso Maker - Bring the Barista Experience Home with The Gaggia Espresso Maker

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Enjoy the authentic European espresso experience? Try bringing the espresso experience to the comfort of your own kitchen with a top of the line Gaggia Espresso Maker. Those searching for the best in premium espresso makers need look no further than the Gaggia Platinum Swing Espresso Machine. This highly sophisticated espresso machine can turn any coffee enthusiast into a bona fide barista with just a few clicks of a button.

The Gaggia Platinum Swing is a sleek and stylish machine that boasts a streamlined exterior. Inside, the machine houses a impressive array of technology including the patented “Rapid Steam Technology” which allows users to seamlessly shift from steaming to brewing and back again. This is the same technology that makes frothy lattes and creamy cappuccinos a snap to make. The stainless steel boiler ensures the perfect temperature for hot beverages.

One of the more unique features of the Gaggia Platinum Swing Espresso Machine is the programming function, which is in the form of a clickable wheel. The programming options are displayed on an easy to read LCD screen. The wheel allows the user to scroll through a selection of options including size of drink, temperature and the amount of coffee to be brewed. It is this same programming function that allows the user to select the language used on the menu, the type of water used for brewing, the length of the rinse cycle and opt for the energy saving cycle. The machine also comes equipped with an automatic cleaning feature, which includes de-scaling.

The machine is able to store 8 ounces of fresh coffee or espresso beans at a time, allowing for the freshest brewed coffee and espresso products possible. The levels of the coffee beans can be viewed through the transparent hopper, allowing users to quickly see when the hopper needs to be refilled. Just below the bean hopper is a ceramic bean grinder, which quickly and quietly grinds the beans immediately before each use. The grinder setting may be adjusted to allow for fine, medium or coarse grinds. Another great option with the Gaggia Platinum Swing Espresso Machine is the “Espresso Plus System” which makes it possible for the user to customize the strength of the drink as it is being brewed. With a simple twist of the knob, the machine is able to take a drink from mild to bold.

This Gaggia espresso machine includes an Aqua Prima water filter, which will remove the sediments and chemicals from tap water to provide the freshest tasting coffee and espresso beverages. This added filter also prolongs the life of the machine by reducing the amount of scaling that naturally occurs with any brewing system. With the Aqua Prima water filter system the need for using costly bottled water for brewing is eliminated.

For easy clean up, the Gaggia Platinum Swing Espresso Machine features a self-contained box that hold the spent coffee grounds. The programming wheel display screen alerts the user when the grounds need to be emptied. The container can be easily removed, emptied, rinsed under warm water to remove excess oils collected from the brewing process, then replaced.

The Gaggia Platinum Swing Espresso Machine comes with several accessories including the Aqua Prima water filter, a tester for water hardness, lubricant for the brewing mechanics, an adjustment key for the bean grinder, a power cable and a measuring scoop for ground coffee. With the sheer volume of special features and functions, options and accessories, it is easy to see why this Gaggia Espresso maker is the choice for coffee and espresso consumers all over the world.

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