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Petsafe Dog Trainer

collar bark collars device

When it comes to anti-barking devices for your domestic dog, you will soon discover that there are essentially three different types. There are the supersonic collars that commonly emit a high frequency sound at the exact time that the canine barks. There are also neckbands that restrict the dog but does not harm them whenever they bark. In addition to these collars there are the sprayer collars which use a normalized atomizer that sprays unscented mists like citronella under the nose of domestic dogs to deter bad barking behavior. Petsafe happens to manufacture all three types of dog trainers.

The ultrasonic Petsafe bark neckband should be utilized in such a way that the device sits snugly at the midpoint of the collar and should be opposite the buckle when set properly. This Petsafe dog trainer should then fit firmly around the neckband so that you are able to fit your index finger and your middle finger between the neck of your dog and his collar. Make sure that you allow your dog to get a feel for the device prior to putting the batteries in it. Some dogs have a tendency to freak out when something unfamiliar is placed around their neck. After a while they should calm down and learn how to do things with their new toy.

Another Petsafe bark collar is the restrictive collar which should be fitted snugly around your dog’s neck. While the fitting should be tight, obviously we don’t want it to be uncomfortable for your animal. After fitting your dog properly, feel free to cut the loose end of the collar off so that it does not get in the way of eating and other normal activities. The ragged edge of the collar can then be cauterized with a lighter.

The sprayer collar is another Petsafe bark collar. This Petsafe dog trainer is similar to the first two with a few exceptions. With this device the spray collar is placed on the neck of the dog with the atomizer valve pointed towards its nose. The collar should be fastened with the above-mentioned two finger method, and spraying can be administered by pressing buttons on the device to discipline the animal.

With all of these different kinds of Petsafe bark collars, you as an owner are making sure that your dog will not continue to display any kind of erratic barking behavior. Stopping this behavior early is essential to a sound discipline strategy, especially where barking is concerned.

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