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Seven Springs Resort - Things To Do At Seven Springs Resort

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Voted the number one ski resort by Ski Magazine, Seven Springs Resort is one of the most glamorous resorts in Pennsylvania. Located in Laurel Highland in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, the popular four season ski resort has plenty of sightseeing opportunities with its all year round activities. The ski resort is much more than a ski resort for skiers who love to hit the slopes during a white snow filled winter. It is a resort that has activities during all four seasons. During the winters, visitors can go on a sleigh ride through mountains, or they can go snow tubing at the snow tubing park while riding a magic carpet up the top of the ski hill, as well as plenty of snow and mountains for skiing expeditions.

The Seven Springs Resort has over thirty small 750 feet vertical trails and slopes for skiers to ski from, and twelve different chutes for snow tubing. The resort also has activities for snowshoeing and snowmobiles. The resort has all of the skiing, snowboarding, snowshoes, snowmobiles, and snow tubing rentals that a person will need. The resort also offers night skiing treks for people who love to ski under the bright stars and moonlit night. During the winter, people can also enjoy off hill fun at the arcades, roller skating, game rooms, spas, and bowling. People can also swim in the indoor pools if they are brave enough during the winter.

People can find plenty of things to do at Seven Springs Resort with their selections of restaurants and bars that are located on a mountain top with gorgeous views of the mountains and the ski slopes below. The resort also has their own large hotel lodge with over four hundred and fifteen different rooms and suites to choose from. People who stay at the hotel will find many amenities including services with concierge, bag and ski checks, bell, and valet services. For people who want more privacy, they can stay at the resorts mountain cottages, condominiums, and chalets. The cottages are far enough away from the main lodge, tucked away in the mountains, to give many people the privacy they crave. There are also plenty of other restaurants and bars available in the resort with many dining options of pizza, gourmet foods, and wine. For people on a budget, if they cannot afford the hotel lodge in the resort community, they can rent hotels in the Laurel Highland area. There are over six hotels located in close proximity to the Seven Springs Resort that will allow them to afford a great vacation on their budget, without missing out on all of the fun.

For people who love to have fun in the sun, they will enjoy the Seven Springs Resort during the spring and summer months while visiting the golf courses, tennis courses, miniature golfing, fishing, paint balling, or go for a swim in the indoor pools, jump in the hot tubs, go shopping at the many shopping centers, take in a movie at the theater, or visit the new Trillium full service spa. People can also go mountain biking, or take a UTV tour around the mountain tops. There are also rock climbing, trampolines, and rope adventures for small bungee jumping activities. There is also plenty of fishing in the beautiful Seven Springs mountain lakes.

During the autumn and winter months the Seven Springs Resort holds several annual festivals and sports events through their wine, food, biking, and sport clay themed festivals. The sporting clay festivals offer two courses with five shooting stations for clay pigeon shooting fun. The wine and food tasting festivals offer a variety of different wines and foods as a delicacy, and the mountain biking festivals offer several different courses and trails for bike riding. There are also ample opportunities for large groups to book conference and meeting rooms for their business or reunion type events.

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