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Get Cash Loan - How to Get Emergency Cash Loans

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Most have found themselves in an extremely difficult, perhaps even dire, financial situation at least once. We’re not talking about tightening the old belt strap. By difficult we’re referring to a period of several days or more with no cash, no fuel, and perhaps even no food in the cupboard. In circumstances such as this, getting a cash loan may be the only way of making it through to payday. Let’s look at the options.

1. Tap your network of family and friends.

Rather than going into serious debt for a cash loan, money from friends and family may be the answer. Assuming you’re not the type of person to have taken advantage of them in the past, family and friends will likely be happy to help, especially if it’s short-term. A great way to decrease the burden on them is to spread out your need. For instance, if you need $100 to get by, try to borrow $20 from five different family and friends. Remember to pay that back as quickly as possible, and be there for them if they ever need it.

2. Get a cash advance from your employer.

Even more embarrassing than seeking a cash loan from our family and friends is seeking money from our employer. And let’s not kid ourselves, it doesn’t reflect well on us. However, chances are that your employers have been a bad spot once themselves. Most employers have a mechanism in place to give cash advances to their employers. As long as you’re not making a habit out of it, they’ll help and not think less of you.

3. Talk to the people at your church, mosque, or temple.

All religious entities that accept donations from the congregation have an emergency fund in place to help the congregation. Keep in mind that you can’t simply walk into a church and ask for money. However, if you’ve been an active member, they can help with an interest-free loan. In many cases, this is looked at less than as a loan as it is you returning the resources to the pool for the next person in need.

4. Get a cash loan from a bank.

Chances are that if you find yourself in this situation, getting a cash loan or money from a bank many not seem possible, especially for those who have bed credit. However, let’s leave no stone unturned.

4a. Call the credit card company.

OK so you’ve maxed out your credit card. In a perfect situation, you’d cut it in half and not use it again until you caught up. However, this isn’t a perfect situation. Call the credit card company, and ask them to extend the limit. Unless you haven’t been paying the minimum, most companies will at least give you an emergency $100 no matter what your debt is.

4b. Get a bank loan.

If only it were that easy. Since you’re in this situation, it’s not likely you have the credit or home equity to simply walk into a bank and leave with a loan. However, it is possible to get small collateral-based loans from a bank. Go to the nearest bank and speak with the loan manager. You may be able to put your car or some similar resource up for a small short-term loan that will get you through. Even if that bank doesn’t handle such loans, the loan manager should be able to point you in the direction of an area bank that does.

5. Get a dangerous payday cash loan. Money was never so expensive.

Although you should avoid a payday loan at all costs, if you have no credit and no collateral, you may not have any choice. The most important aspect to keep in mind is that these payday loan companies make a profit exploiting poor people. In many cases, a temporary Band-Aid creates a cycle of financial trouble due to their ridiculously high APR. Therefore, it’s critical that you borrow as little as needed to get by and that you pay it back immediately.

6. Sell something to a pawnshop.

As a last resort, consider your assets. You may have a nice TV or some other piece of electronics. You can use these at the pawnshop to get enough money to get you through to payday. Remember, like a payday loan, this is expensive. Therefore, borrow as little as needed, and make sure to return in time to retrieve your property.

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