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2 Drawer File Cabinets - Two drawer file cabinets

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For people who work from home or who have important documents that they need to keep secure and safe, a 2 drawer file cabinet can be a life saver. An essential part of a home office, a 2 drawer file cabinet ensures that not only are valuable work documents kept secure and organized, but also marriage licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, medical records and tax records. In fact, a 2 drawer file cabinet has become an essential piece to any home.

What is a two drawer file cabinet?

A two drawer file cabinet is a piece of furniture, most commonly associated with a business or home office. It is used to store documents in folders arranged in a specific order, generally alphabetical order. Two drawer file cabinets are usually made of wood or metal and all come with locks. Each drawer has a small handle that the owner or user can easily grasp and pull. To prevent the drawer from being completely pulled out of the cabinet, the majority of 2 drawer file cabinets come with an outstop which stops the drawer when it reaches a certain point on the sliding mechanism. The two drawers are placed on top of one another and sit vertically, so that they take less space than a dresser or desk.

Who needs a two drawer file cabinet?

Anyone who has important documents or papers needs a 2 drawer file cabinet. In earlier times, papers were kept in envelopes and then arranged in pigeonholes that either lined their desks or their walls. Finding an important paper or document could be a nightmare as people searched through envelopes, opening them and reading, in an attempt to locate the document for which they were searching. The 2 drawer file cabinet was invented and touted as being a small piece of furniture that could easily sit beside a desk and keep users organized. In addition to business papers, two drawer file cabinets are used for:

Storing Important Identity Documents Because they can be locked, 2 drawer file cabinets are perfect for storing passports, social security cards, visas, medical records and birth certificates,

Keeping Tax Documents Organized For residents of the U.S., the IRS recommends keeping all tax documents for a period of seven years. Residents of other countries also need to keep their work, wage, and tax documents in a safe place and for a period of time. 2 drawer file cabinets enable people to keep these in order by year and with all relevant and pertinent information and receipts stored.

Organizing and Keeping Bank, Credit Card, and Utility Receipts Although many banks, utility companies and credit card companies have gone to paperless billing, people still need to keep their receipts printed out and stored safely. ATMs still give paper receipts that should be kept properly,neatly, and safely organized.

How should users organize their 2 drawer file cabinet?

Everyone organizes their items differently. There is no hard and fast rule of how to do so, but following these tips can enhance storage space and make finding documents and papers easier.

Purchase a sturdy 2 drawer file cabinet While wood can be more aesthetically pleasing and can match a desk, a metal fire cabinet is fire resistant. In case of fire, a metal cabinet increases the chance that important papers and documents are not lost or destroyed.

Divide and Conquer For those using a 2 drawer file system in their home office, consider making one drawer business papers and one drawer personal papers. This keeps personal and business life separate, and makes locating what is needed easier.

Archive and Purge Regularly Make it a habit to go through two drawer file cabinets every six months and either archive older papers into a different 2 drawer file cabinet kept expressly for the purpose of archives, or purge and destroy documents and papers which are no longer needed.

For those users who keep important information on their computers, consider backing up information on an external hard drive and storing the hard drive in a 2 drawer file cabinet. Used properly, a two drawer filing system can keep the home business user, or the family safely organized for years to come.

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