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Bausch And Lomb Contact Lenses - Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses Features Innovative Technology

designed eye soft purevision®

Bausch and Lomb contact lenses are a premier product choice for eye care. Bausch and Lomb is one of the oldest companies in the United States and is well known for its optical product line. John Jacob Bausch, a German immigrant living in New York, started the company with his good friend Henry Lomb in the late 1850’s. Over the following years, the two manufactured rubber frames for glasses and optical products requiring a high level of precision. By 1903, the company had patents for binoculars, microscopes, and a new type of camera shutter. During World War I they developed military sunglasses and later developed lenses used on the satellite cameras that took the first photographs of the moon.

The first soft contact lenses were introduced by Bausch and Lomb in 1971. Bausch and Lomb continue to be on the cutting edge of technology in advancing eye care. The current product line offers a wide variety of contact lenses. The latest in the line of Bausch and Lomb soft contact lenses is the PureVision®. These silicone hydrogel contact lenses contain 36 percent water, and introduced the material AerGel™ which is designed to enhance the comfort and health of the eyewear.

The PureVision® has a unique optical design and is the only lens that reduces a condition that causes objects to be blurry or hazy in appearance. The lenses have been designed with a rounded edge profile that aids in fitting comfortably on the eye. The AerGel™ of PureVision contact lenses allow normal amounts of oxygen to reach the eyes and help resist the buildup of protein and other debris on the lenses.

The PureVision lenses can be worn daily while awake; or continuous use for up to 30 days and nights depending on how the wearer’s eyes respond to wearing the contacts and doctor recommendations. There are side effects of continuous wear contact lenses. There is a risk of developing an infection, inflammation of the cornea; or burning, stinging or dryness of the eyes.

The PureVision® Toric contact lenses are designed specifically for people who need vision correction due to astigmatism. The PureVision® Multi-Focal lenses have an optical design that allows wearers to see at any distance; and are a great alternative to bifocal glasses. Both of these particular contact lenses are also made of AerGel™; thus, the lenses are comfortable and healthy to wear.

The SofLens® line of hydrogel lenses are designed for almost any type of vision correction. These can be used by people with astigmatism or those who simply need contacts for reading. SofLens® daily disposable lenses are thin and have ComfortMoist™ Technology which allows a slow release of solution around the lenses. Many individuals prefer these lenses due to the ease of maintenance since there is no required cleaning or storage. The daily disposable lenses use High Definition™ Optics that help reduce halos, glare and blurriness regardless of most conditions.

SilSoft® is a soft contact lens that is specifically designed for children and adults who have had cataract surgery without an intraocular lens being implanted. The SilSoft® Super Plus is the model designed for children and the leading brand for treating pediatric patients recovering from cataract surgery. These lenses are made from a silicone elastomer that allows the highest level of oxygen to the eye of any soft or hard lens material on the market today. The seriousness of aphakia, or the removal of the natural lens of the eye, led Bausch & Lomb to set up the SilSoft Pediatric Patient Assistance Program. This program provides families in poverty with contact lenses at no cost.

The Optima® brand lenses are the conventional soft contact lens that has been a leader in the industry for over 12 years. Optima® 38/SP lenses come with a spare pair. The Boston® gas permeable (GP) lenses are durable and economical. The Boston MultiVision® lens is made from Boston® ES material, which keeps the lens clear of deposits.

Bausch and Lomb contact lenses are a durable product of high quality. With a long history of innovative designs and developments to advance the comfort of contact lenses; Bausch & Lomb are leaders in the industry and recommended by many professionals. Whatever particular vision correction is needed; there is a Bausch & Lomb contact to help.

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