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Stackable Washer Dryers - How to Save Space by Using Stackable Washer Dryers

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When you live in a small apartment, space is often at a premium. Besides having enough room for your clothes and other possessions, you may have a problem finding a suitable place for a washer and dryer. Most houses have a laundry room where a full-sized washing machine and dryer are placed side-by-side. In an apartment or other type of home where there is limited space, a good alternative is to purchase a stackable washer dryer.

There are basically two options if you want to use a stackable washer and dryer to do your laundry. You can buy a stand alone washing machine and stand alone dryer and stack the dryer on top of the washing machine or you can buy a laundry center unit that is specifically designed as a stackable unit.

Choosing to buy two separate units and place one on top of the other is the least preferrable of the two options. You can not just buy any washing machine and dryer and stack them on top of one another. You must buy a machine that is stackable as designated by the manufacturer. You must also purchase an adapter kit that will allow you to safely stack the two units.

Typical side-by-side units that are stackable usually are wider (most are 29 inches) and taller (about 42 inches) than a laundry center unit, and when stacked, can reach about 7 and one half feet (90 inches) in height. Not only may the dimensions make it impossible to fit into a small space, they also may make it very difficult to reach up and load or unload your clothes from the dryer.

In addition, for reasonable access, you will need to buy front-loading units. You can not have a top-loading washer and dryer stacked, because it would be impossible to lift the lid and load or unload the washing machine. Also, front-loading units tend to cost a bit more than traditional top-loading units. On the positive side, front-loading washers use less water and are more energy efficient.

A laundry center that is specifically designed for smaller spaces, is, a better choice when you need to use as little space as possible and still be able to do your laundry in the comfort of your own home. Laundry centers come in 24 inch and 27 inch widths, with the latter being the more common. They typically are just under 6 feet (72 inches) in height and have a depth between 27 and 32 inches (similar to side-by-side washer and dryers).

The advantage to these units is that they can fit inside a small closet or perhaps a small space in your kitchen. They do a good job of cleaning and drying, but have a limited capacity, meaning you may have to do two loads or do your laundry more often. They are also somewhat more expensive than stand alone units with similar features.

For comparison, following are several different types of setups available at Lowe’s.

Laundry Center – Whirlpool 2.6 cubic foot stacked washer with 5.9 cubic foot electric dryer. Dimensions: 71 5/8 inches tall, 27 inches wide and 32 inches deep. Price: $1199.00.

Laundry Center – Whirlpool 1.5 cubic foot washer with 3.4 cubic foot electric dryer. Dimensions: 71 3/4 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 27 1/4 inches deep. Price: $1099.00.

Side By Side (stackable) Whirlpool Washer and Dryer – 4.0 cubic foot Duet front load washer. Dimensions: 36 inches tall, 27 inches wide and 32 1/2 inches deep. Price $539.10 6.7 cubic foot Duet electric dryer. Dimensions: 36 inches high, 27 inches wide, 29 inches deep. Price: $539.10. Adapter kit for stacking not included in price.

Basic Side By Side Setup – Whirlpool 3.5 cubic foot top load washer. Dimensions: 42 1/2 inches high, 27 inches wide and 25 1/2 inches deep. Price: $399.00. Whirlpool 6.5 cubic foot electric dryer. Dimensions: 43 3/8 inches high, 29 inches wide and 27 3/4 deep. Price: $341.10.

If you are looking to squeeze a washer and dryer into a small space, than your best option is a 24 inch wide, 72 inch tall laundry center. You will definitely be sacrificing some capacity over standard side by side machines, but, you’ll still be able to get your clothes clean.

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