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Contractors License Board - What Does the Contractors License Board Do?

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The Contractors License Board is a State agency that licenses and regulates the construction industry in California. It offers a variety of services for consumers, contractors and others in the construction field. Consumers can check license numbers of contractors to ensure they are licensed and check for any complaints against them. They can also report unlicensed contractors. Contractors can apply for a license, file complaints, review laws and download guides and other publications.

The Contractors License Board website has an extensive amount of information for consumers. Consumers are given the information they need to hire the right type of contractor, read a contract and know what to look for and determine whether or not a building permit is needed. Once a consumer decides on a contractor, they can quickly look up their license information online (by using a name or license number) and ensure they are licensed. The Contractors License Board can also help consumers file a complaint against a contractor. If a consumer suspects illegal activity, they can view the website to see what is considered illegal and report it online. The Contractors License Board has a Statewide Investigative Fraud Team (SWIFT) that conducts weekly sting operations. SWIFT also works to eliminate illegal construction activity and punish those who engage in it.

The Contractors License Board requires that contractors be licensed and lists all the steps required to do so. There are three mian licenses available to contractors – Class A (general engineering), Class B (general building) and Class C (specialty contractor). The website tells contractors what they need to know before applying for their license. It also explains the application process and what to do if an application is accepted or rejected. There is also information about background checks, how to check the status of an application and what to do to get a license issued. The license process requires taking and a passing an exam that tests basic construction skills, laws and commonly used mathematical functions. The Contractors License Board offers study guides for contractors to use to prepare for their test. Those who pass their test can obtain workers compensation, liability and bond information, which are all usually required to perform work on most projects.

The Contractors License Board offers information to building officials and those involved in public works projects, such as enforcement procedures, laws and classifcations. It also has an online news area, called the Newsroom, that posts hot topics and articles of interest. They also have regular newsletters and a variety of other publications, such as reference guides, bulletins, forms and applications.

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