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Cell Antenna Booster - How to Know if a Cell Antenna Booster is Useful for You

phone reception signal tower

Chances are, you have probably seen cell antenna boosters advertised on television or in a store, and probably wondered if they work. Considering some of the recent issues with cell phone reception, like the so called “Antennagate” where Apple’s iPhone 4 drops calls when held, you may be especially worried about cell reception. In response to their problems, Apple also pointed out that every other major smartphone has reception issues; so many people have been worried about cell phone reception. In this article we’re going to take a closer look at cell phone antenna boosters, and see the different types and attempt to determine how well they work based on various reviews and tests.

There are a couple of different methods of boosting your cell phone’s antenna signal. Many different stores and companies offer supposed antenna boosters which are nothing more than dubious looking stickers. These are usually placed on the back of the phone or sometimes in the battery compartment. These stickers usually have some sort of electric wiring in them which are supposed to help the antenna better catch the signal from the cell phone tower.

Unfortunately, a number of independent studies have suggested that these stickers do not really help antenna reception and they are not worth the money. This varies by product, so it is possible that you may have some luck with these products, however as a general rule these do not work well.

There are some more expensive (but more effective) hardware solutions for boosting your cell phone’s antenna signal strength. A cellular repeater is a device that boosts your signal strength by using a signal amplifier. For instance, if you don’t get cell phone service inside your home, you could place one of these near a window where it can get cellular reception. It then relays the signal from the tower to your phone, which can be further inside your home, and from your phone back to the tower. (The industry term for this is a bi-directional amplifier.) This is a great way to boost your cell’s antenna reception inside your home or any other building. These are generally designed for inside use only, but mobile versions do exist for use in a car or other mode of transportation.

If you live completely out of range of a cell tower, you can get a small device called a femtocell. This acts as a mini cell tower which your cell phone can connect to. It then uses a broadband internet connection to transmit your call. These devices generally run about several hundred dollars, but some cell phone carriers will give them to customers living outside of their coverage area.

There are a number of different types of cell antenna boosters, and what type is best for you really depends on your individual situation. You may wish to check with your cell phone provider to see what kind of options they offer or recommend.

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