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Byu Independent Study - Everything You Need To Know About BYU Independent Study

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Getting a college education is an extremely worthwhile endeavor. However, not everyone has the ability to relocate to a great university and put all of their other obligations on hold while they attend school full-time. The BYU Independent Study program is a distance education program offered through Brigham Young University. This program allows people to get an excellent education at their own pace, when it’s convenient for them. Independent Study courses can be taken any time of the year, from anywhere in the world.

So how does BYU Independent Study work? First of all, you don’t have to be a BYU student to participate. This program is available for everyone, from current college students to mothers, even middle school and high school students. To get started, choose a course from the many hundreds that are offered. The courses offered can be found at the BYU Independent Study website. Once you have selected a course, you can register online and the course materials will be mailed directly to you and you can start right away. There are a number of lessons to complete within each course. Depending on the course, there may be multiple-choice quizzes or papers to write at the end of each lesson, or there may be a midterm or a final. Finals and midterms can either be taken at the Independent Study office on the BYU campus, or you can arrange to take them at a library or school near you under the supervision of a proctor. Once the course is completed, a completion notice or a transcript can be sent to any school that the student chooses. From the time of purchase, the course must be completed within one year. Extensions are available for a fee.

There are many benefits to getting an education via the BYU Independent Study program. You can take as many or as few courses as you’d like, which makes it easy for those who want to go back to school a small step at a time. The courses fit around your schedule and you can work on your lessons after work or whenever you have free time. Independent Study is a great way to complete required general education courses. Some courses can be completed in as little as two weeks, which is great if the topic is not something you enjoy. Another benefit is there is no additional tuition, only the cost of the course, which is typically $148 per credit hour. This makes it easy to pay for your education as you go. And if you purchase a course and realize you changed your mind you are entitled to a partial refund, depending on how long it has been since the purchase date. This program also works for high school or middle school students who need to recover credit towards their diploma. Courses are accredited and are transferable to almost every school or university across the nation.

BYU Independent Study offers not only courses that apply directly to a degree, but also personal enrichment courses that teach things like gardening, family history, or family budgeting. These personal enrichment courses are offered free of charge.

A college education contributes greatly to one’s success and achievement. No matter what stage of life you are in, the BYU Independent Study program can help you obtain a quality education when it’s convenient for you. The BYU Independent Study program helps bring you closer to your degree, one course at a time.

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over 6 years ago


I am trying to find out if taking 12-credits over a certain amount of time is considered full-time through BYU independent study for my son to be eligible for dental insurance with my husband's company?

Thanks so much.

Charlotte Hutchins