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Acme Grocery Stores - Guide To Acme Grocery Stores

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Acme grocery stores were founded in 1891 by Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford. The first Acme grocery store was in South Philadelphia. Now, the chain operates over 130 stores in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Acme is owned by SuperValu, which is based in Minnesota. Supervalu also runs other chains such as Albertsons, Shaw’s, and Jewel-Osco.

Acme grocery stores began in humble fashion. It grew over the early part of the 20th century, and began appearing as a free standing large store in 1951. Acme was owned by American Stores until being bought by Albertsons in 1999. Albertsons was then bought by SuperValu in 2006.

Acme is the largest supermarket chain in the Philadelphia area. Other popular stores such as Genuardi’s and Giant aren’t as large as Acme. Other markets like Wegmans, Food Lion, and Shop-Rite make the Philadelphia area very competitive. Acme grocery stores exist in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Acme grocery stores offer everything you’d expect to find. They have a great produce selection, which is usually provided by a local farm. The deli meats offer both name and generic brands. The Acme generic brand offers quality products at prices much lower than name brands. Acme grocery stores also offer hot foods. They have specials each day of the week, including on items like fried chicken. The Acme pharmacy has all the medicine you might ever need, provided at great discounts. Most Acme grocery stores also have photo development labs and banks in the store that have convenient hours. They also have a deal with Redbox, a DVD rental service that allows you to rent new movies for only one dollar.

Acme introduced the SuperCard, a loyalty program similar to frequent flyer miles. The SuperCard provides Acme shoppers with great bargains, highlighted by the ‘10 for 10’ program, in which you can buy ten items for ten dollars, such as sleeves of cups. Unlike other area stores, Acme doesn’t require you to purchase all ten. Therefore if the item is perishable, you can opt to buy three for three dollars. The SuperCard is free of charge, and they will provide you with a card that can fit in your wallet and one you can add on your key chain. If you ever forget your card, you can enter your phone number to ensure you get the best savings. The more you use your SuperCard, the more rewards you can earn, including winning a free turkey on holidays like Thanksgiving. You can also earn discounts at partner restaurants and be entered in various sweepstakes.

Acme grocery stores have many convenient options, including many stores with self-scan aisles, where you can swipe your own products if you’re in a hurry. Each store has plenty of express lines as well. Acme also offers online shopping, where you can list all you want online and have your groceries ready for you when you arrive at the store. In addition, some Acme grocery stores are open 24 hours.

Overall, Acme is a great shopping experience. The SuperCard allows you to have some of the best savings in the area. The store has a friendly layout, and all the customer service options you could hope for, from stamps to money transfers.

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