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Doral Resort And Spa - The Evolution of The Doral Resort and Spa

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Situated on 650 acres in sunny Miami, Florida, The Doral Resort and Spa is a vacationer’s paradise. Over the years, The Doral Resort and Spa has evolved from a hotel built on swampland to a first class getaway that attracts golf legends and international guests. The Doral currently features nearly 48 suites and nearly 700 guest rooms located in ten different buildings. During their stay at The Doral Resort, guests can choose to play golf on any of five championship level golf courses, to go for a swim in one of Doral’s many pools, or to enjoy a game of tennis. Visitors also have access to a fitness center, comprehensive day spa, and a variety of excellent restaurants.

The Doral Resort and Spa was established as the Doral Hotel and Country Club in 1962 when founders Doris and Alfred Kaskel elected to build a hotel and three golf courses on a large piece of underdeveloped swampland in West Miami. Interestingly, the Kaskels arrived at the name Doral by combining the first three letters of Doris’ name and the first two letters of Alfred’s name.

The Doral Hotel and Country Club continued to evolve over the years to incorporate the Saturnia International Spa Resort in 1987. The Doral Spa has increased the services that are offered to guests over the years and is now housed in a $50 million dollar facility where guests can chooses from over 100 spa treatments. Among the many services offered to guests are hair care, nail care, massage therapy, and a variety of facial peels and treatments. Spa guests can cool off in the onsite pool and eat at the spa’s onsite restaurant, The Atrium. The Doral Spa is open to guests age 18 and over, and gift packages are available.

In addition to incorporating a day spa, the Kaskels established the Jim McLean Golf School, one of the premiere golf teaching schools in the world. After the Kaskels hired Jim McLeanas as their golf school director in 1991, McLean relocated to Miami and helped to build the shool into the prestigious golf school that it is today. Following KSL Recreation Corporation’s purchase of the Doral Hotel and Country Club in 1994, the name of the facility was changed to the Doral Golf Resort and Spa, and the resort’s three golf courses were redesigned by Raymond Floyd. Much to the delight of vacationing golfers, Doral expanded their facility to include a new 18 hole golf course, the Great White Course, which was designed by Greg Norman in 2000.

The Doral’s golf courses have become so well known over the years that the resort has attracted famous golfers and athletes such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Joe Namath, and Joe DiMaggio. The Doral was the host of Florida’s first PGA event, the Doral Country Club Open Invitational, which has attracted world renowned sponsors such as Ford and Eastern Airlines. The Doral currently has a total of five golf courses, including 18-hole and 9-hole courses of varying degrees of difficulty and design.

Since 2004, The Doral Resort and Spa has been under the Marriott umbrella and has continued to expand. Currently, the resort is preparing for its 50th anniversary in 2012, during which it will unveil its newest golf course: The Jim McLean Signature Course. The resort is also in the process of renovating its spa and enhancing its current line of restaurants.

In sum, the Doral Resort and Spa has evolved in both name and scope since its inception in 1962. The resort offers guests a plethora of amenities and accommodations, including multiple golf courses, swimming pools, spa services and restaurants. If past trends continue, the Doral Resort and Spa will undoubtedly continue to expand to grow beyond its current scope of amenities and services, and will remain one of the most comprehensive resorts in the United States.

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