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Pet Dog Door - Should you Install a Pet Dog Door?

easier care flap time

Having a pet can be very fulfilling, especially a dog. Facilitating the comfort of your dog and the ease in taking care of him makes the relationship between you and your pet that much more enjoyable. One often overlooked way to accomplish this is to install a pet dog door. What is a pet dog door and should you install one in your home?

A dog door is a hinged or spring door that is attached to a hole in your door. Often it has a flap that makes it easy for your dog to enter and exit your home whenever he wants. With the right door and construction, he can slip right through the doorway.

How does a pet dog door make your dog feel more comfortable? By allowing your pet to leave the house whenever he needs to, he will feel more comfortable taking care of business as well as getting fresh air and exercise. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to take him for walks and play with him. Instead, he gets to spend time with you and spend extra time outdoors when he pleases. By giving him a pet dog door, you are giving him a larger area to live. Instead of simply confining him to the house, he can go outside as well.

Taking care of your dog becomes easier for the same reasons. You don’t have to worry about letting him outside all the time and you can be at ease that he’s taken care of. This doesn’t dismiss all of your responsibilities for your dog, but it’s makes things a little easier when it counts.

When installing a pet dog door, you need to be careful and do it right. It’s not as simple as cutting a hole in your door and attaching a flap. First of all, the door should not lead out to the entire neighborhood. It should lead to a fenced in area, such as the back yard. You don’t want your dog to run away and you don’t want other animals entering your home.

There are a large variety of flaps to choose from. Much of what you get will depend on the size and type of your dog. Your dog should be able to come and go comfortably without getting caught or injured. You will also be required to train your dog to use the door or else the installation will be useless. A clear flap dog door will help make training easier.

Also consider your environment. For example, if you live in a cold area, install a flap that stays flexible in the cold and helps keep out drafts. If you have a sliding screen door, try out a screen door installation with a pet dog door built in. These are cheaper and easier to manage without having to cut a hole in your door. They are great for warmer weather when you have the door open.

Installing a pet dog door may or may not be the right choice for you and your dog. Take into consideration everything you need before spending the money and installing the door. Make sure it’s right for the both of you. Spend the time to train your dog to use it and enjoy the benefits it will bring.

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