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Address Finder Uk - Using an Address Finder Service in the UK

the utility performs search the utility returns the results reasons searches are performed for simple social purposes for business purposes for debt collection

An address finder service is an online service is a service that enables users to find either physical or email addresses of people, sometimes for a small fee.

The Search Process

In the UK this address search is usually done by searching the country’s electoral roll or register. When implementing the address finder service, UK search providers perform supervised searches of these electoral documents and find address information about the person in question using only their first and last name. The steps in the process are roughly as follows:

Enter the Name of the Person in the Search Box

When using an address finder service in the UK, the first step is to enter the name of the person whose address you are trying to find in the search box. This is in general the only information that such a search utility or service needs to begin the process of locating an individual. There is also space to enter the general geographical location where one thinks the address is located and possibly other information, and this will help the program zero in on the name more effectively if it is accurate. However, the service would not be very effective if one had to know the general location of someone before searching. Therefore the name is the only criterion that most of these search services actually require.

The Utility Performs Search

Then the service takes the name of the individual in question and begins the search. Essentially it does this by comparing the name with a huge database containing all the people with listed addresses on the UK electoral roll.

Note: The UK electoral roll is a list of all the people registered to vote in the United Kingdom. It is created by sending an annual canvass form to every house in a particular district. It covers all parts of the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the British Commonwealth, and British citizens living in any European Union country. The latter are allowed to register to vote in UK elections up to 15 years after having registered with any UK address.

The Utility Returns the Results

Once it finds a match, the address finder service, UK based or otherwise, returns the results to the user. It may come up with one or several names. Usually since the search is localized in a certain area, there is a rough sorting that goes on based on general location. This, and the exact spelling of the name help the search tool to get fairly accurate and targeted results. The results are often a physical address, but may contain an email address as well.

Alternatively, these utilities can often perform a search on a specific address and return information on the names of the occupants for a given time period. This search is done in a similar fashion to the name finding function – the utility searches the electoral register over the given period of time and finds all the names associated with a particular address during a particular time period.

Reasons Searches are Performed

There are a variety of situations in which someone may want or need to locate the address of an individual:

For Simple Social Purposes

Often people perform these searches for the simple reason of wanting to make contact with a long lost friend or acquaintance. This person may have been someone they knew in school or when they lived at a certain location. Or it may someone who’s name was given to the searcher at one time along with a phone number that is now outdated, necessitating that the searcher contact the party by mail or email.

For Business Purposes

Often people need to write to an individual for business purposes but for one reason or another have neither their email nor physical address. This may, say, be a past potential client whose business card has gotten lost but who may still be interested in purchasing a product or service.

For Debt Collection

In some cases searches are performed by creditors attempting to collect money owed to them by debtors. In these cases the individual often would rather not be located and may not be registered to vote. Consequently the search program often performs a more complex search than merely searching an electoral register. It may use financial data and other information in the search.

If you need to find the address of someone in the United Kingdom, an online address finder service, UK friendly, is a useful tool to access. These services are usually fairly cost effective and often do not charge unless a correct trace and match is made. Information about addresses is legally allowed for the public to access, so it makes sense to access this information in an efficient way with a search service that specializes in the task.

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