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Prescription Drugs Canada - How to Purchase Prescription Drugs from Canada

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Prescription medication can be very expensive, especially for patients without health insurance. Fortunately, purchasing prescription drugs from Canada can greatly reduce the cost of these medications. Because prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada than they are in the United States, these pharmacies are able to offer customers lower prices than what they would find at local pharmacies. Even when considering the cost of shipping, many medications are considerably cheaper when purchased from Canada.

While purchasing prescription drugs from Canada can be an affordable option, it can also be dangerous. Patients need to be sure that they are ordering medication from a trusted and reputable pharmacy. Reputable pharmacies should be up to date on their licensing and inspections and show proof of this on their website. A good pharmacy will also employ a pharmacist that oversees the filling of all prescriptions and a doctor that is available to answer any questions that a patient may have.

Reputable Canadian pharmacies should also provide customers with excellent customer service. This means that customers should be able to reach the pharmacy by phone, mail, or e-mail. It should not be difficult to contact a representative about an order, question, or complaint. Additionally, customers should be able to return a product and receive a refund if they are not happy with their order. If a pharmacy does not allows patients to return an item, this could be a sign of other inconvenient policies.

There are a few reasons why patients need to be careful when choosing an online pharmacy from which to order prescription medications. The first reason is because some pharmacies will send customers counterfeit drugs. This can be extremely dangerous to a patients health, especially if their prescription is for a serious condition. Another reason why patients need to proceed with caution is because some online pharmacies will take advantage of their customers. There are many cases of consumers making purchases from questionable online pharmacies that fail to ever send the customer their medication, yet charge their credit card. While a customer can file a complaint or dispute the charge with their bank, there is very little that a customer can do to make the company refund their money, especially if it is difficult to contact the company.

After choosing a pharmacy from which to order, patients will be required to obtain a prescription from their doctor. While online pharmacies in many other countries will not require this, any respectable pharmacy in Canada will require that all customers to provide a prescription before purchasing prescription medication. If a pharmacy selling prescription drugs from Canada does not require this step, it could be a sign that the pharmacy is not licensed and is operating illegally, and should therefore be avoided.

When purchasing prescription drugs from Canada, it is also important that the patient’s prescription matches the dosage and number of refills that is being purchased. If a doctor has written a prescription for a specific amount of a medication, patients will not be able to purchase a larger amount, even if a larger amount is more cost effective. It is also important to note that many Canadian drugs come in different dosage amounts, when compared to American drugs. Customers should be careful that they are purchasing the correct dose, as a much larger or smaller dose could potentially lead to health problems.

It is also important for patients to correctly transfer their prescription to their chosen Canadian pharmacy. Some pharmacies will require that customers mail in their prescription, while others prefer to have prescriptions faxed. Additionally, some Canadian pharmacies will require that the doctor that wrote the prescription send or call in the prescription. It may also be possible to have the pharmacy contact the doctor, but will usually cost an additional fee.

It is important for customers to carefully review the pharmacy’s policies, as they will not fill and ship a prescription before they have received the necessary documentation. This can leave a patient without an important prescription for days or even weeks. Fortunately, when carefully choosing a pharmacy from which to order prescription drugs from Canada, patients are able to save a great deal of money, while enjoying the convenience of an online pharmacy.

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