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Las Vegas Work - Varieties of Work Available in Las Vegas

workers support city staff

Las Vegas, Nevada is best known as a gambling Mecca. The city management and council are continuing improvements to develop Las Vegas into a world class city.
Visitors often forget that Las Vegas is first of all a world class western city, with all the infrastructure needed to support it. Elected officials and employees of all types of businesses live and work there. Energy, economy and social services must be supported by skilled, efficient workers to ensure quality life for residents and a stable economy. Tapping into the unique skills and talents of all its workers allows Las Vegas to provide the best possible services to its visitors and citizens. The newly opened Justin Timberlake Shriners’ Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas carries a full staff of doctors, nurses, and support workers.

The school district alone employs over 37,000 workers. Administrators, support staff, teachers, nurses, and school police all care for the more than 300,000 students. The school board works hard to hire and retain qualified staff, provide excellent services and build a professional team who remain passionate about their students’ success. These are jobs that are available to those willing to dedicate resources and time to fulfill the needs of the diverse, large Las Vegas school district. The finest workers who are willing to support and value the students’ educational goals are required to contact their human resources.

Chefs, support staff, service, and clean-up personnel are all needed to work in the multitude of restaurants within the hotels and outside them in the rest of the city. Transportation workers, parking attendants, retail workers, all are needed to keep the city moving forward. Of course, the luxury casinos need complete hotel staff, croupiers, dealers, security staff—workers from different backgrounds and abilities—to make the businesses run smoothly. Talented singers, dancers, and actors work in the Las Vegas stage shows, including uniquely talented “circus” artists in many of the performances.

Seventy thousand exceptional employees work for the MGM Resorts alone. The organization provides a great atmosphere in which to work with good pay, benefits, and retirement plans. They provide more than just jobs, but careers. Their employees, along with those of other resort hotel groups provide a fun working atmosphere, people who care about each other (and their guests), management concerned about employee morale, a diverse work group, stability of their workforce, training and development in career choice, and focus on community interaction and support.

Work in Las Vegas may be found in many major corporations who are making this popular city their home base. Employees for jobs ranging from six figures to minimum wage are all needed in these businesses. The fields of human resources, finance, information technology systems, marketing, and a variety of other areas need workers. Although the casinos are seeing less business, and losing some of their entertainment talent, there is still a varied workforce that continues to increase employment.

Las Vegas retailers, realtors, construction workers, waste management, sanitation, parks and recreation, and all other forms of support workers continue to be needed. City positions include building and safety inspectors, attorneys, auditors, clerks, communication workers, detention and enforcement, fire and rescue, municipal court, planning and development, and public works. Flood control workers, employees in the convention and visitors authority, the metropolitan police department, and water district workers are always needed.

One of the larger area employers is the McCarran International Airport. The staff of workers who keep the airport functional and an excellent greeting facility for international and national visitors provide the gamut of services.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus provides a variety of employment opportunities for faculty and students. Students can both learn and work while at UNLV through student employment opportunities. On campus food service employees work for the dining contractor as direct hires. Part-time event workers include parking attendants, ticket takers, ushers, concession stand workers, cooks, stagehands, and food and beverage runners. This center for higher education adds to the base of quality workers available in Las Vegas. Many stay to work in Las Vegas. The student body comes from the entire U.S., as well as other countries, adding to the diversity of the workforce available for hire.

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