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Bath Light Fixture - The Various Designs available for a Bath Light Fixture

base vanity bulb shade

There are a number of new products used in creating some uniquely styled bathrooms. Among these will be the different types of lighting fixtures you can use. The bath vanity light is a traditional fixture that is placed over the vanity cabinet in a bathroom. This is often the only light used in a bathroom and is available in many wall mounted styles. The contemporary or modern designs will include lights that have a chrome base. This base may come as a rectangular or round shape. The base is the section that is attached to the wall and will have the bulb element contained within it.

In addition to the base a bath light fixture will also come with a lamp shade. The shade is the decorative portion of the light and is usually made out of glass. The glass itself can come as a clear, frosted or opaquely colored item. Some lights, such as the globe style, will have the shade as a completely enclosed item around the bulb. Other designs like the tulip style will have an opening or mouth at the end of the shade where the bulb can easily be inserted. The tulip design can be attached to the base so the opening side faces toward the ceiling instead of the floor.

Some mounts will be created with a single bulb fixture, while others may have two or more. The double bulb light is popular as a design for the contemporary pieces and will often use a square or cylindrical type of glass shade. There are also types of track lighting that use several bulbs in the creation of a track or bar base. This design is often used where the vanity cabinet is created for two sinks. The longer size of the track lighting will illuminate the entire area of the double cabinet.

Variations on the basic mounts placed on bathroom walls for lights will be the sconce styles. These bath lights can be used over a vanity, but are more commonly placed on the side of the door. They can also be positioned on either side of the mirror over a cabinet vanity. The sconce light fixture is available in many designs including some very ornate styles. The base mount for the sconce may be found with different finishes such as bronze, gold, copper or chrome. This type of light is also available in some period designs like the Victorian style that uses an artificial candle as the light source.

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