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First Class Postage Rate - What is the first class postage rate?

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Millions of Americans send letters and packages each year, especially through the first-class mail service offered by the United States Postal Service. For letters, a first class postage stamp is not too expensive for that average-sized letter. The rate isn’t much higher for large envelopes or packages either, but the maximum weight for an envelope or package is 13 ounces or it can not be mailed through the first-class service. It is usually much cheaper to send something through first-class mail than it is to use another service, which is why millions of people choose this method each year.

For letters, the first class postage rate starts at 44 cents for a first class postage stamp. The envelope and letter must weigh 1 ounce or less for this to apply though. A first class postage stamp maxes out at 95 cents for a 3.5 ounce letter, which is more than enough for anyone sending a friend or family member a letter or greeting card.

Obviously, large envelopes are slightly more expensive with regards to the first class postage rate. Starting at 88 cents for a one ounce envelope and ending at $2.92 for a 13 ounce envelope, a first class postage stamp for these type of envelopes is still a cheap option. Most people sending these types of envelopes are sending documents or papers to another company or school, which occurs quite frequently for companies that use mail transactions.

When it comes to packages, the first class postage rate becomes a little higher than envelopes, which is an obvious event. Packages can be as cheap as $1.22 for a single ounce package or as high as $3.26 for a 13 ounce package with regards to a first class postage stamp. These rates are still fairly low for sending a package somewhere in the country, so most people have no problem using the first class mail service to send their packages.

The first class postage rate is fairly low for envelopes of all sizes and packages too. Really, the only thing that makes it more expensive to send something through the first class mail service is the weight of the package. Of course, no envelope or package can be mailed first-class if it weighs more than 13 ounces, but most people don’t send packages that large on a regular basis. Anything larger than that may be more appropriate to be sent through another shipping service, such as FedEx or UPS, which is the option people usually choose for large packages. On the other hand, the first class postage rate is very affordable for almost everyone, and sending items through first class mail happens thousands of times each day. Anyone looking to send an envelope or package quickly should not hesitate to send it through the first class mail because the first class postage rate is so cost-effective.

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