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Windows Instant Messenger - Benefits Of Windows Instant Messenger

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Instant messaging programs have become very popular over the years. Teenager, college students, and professionals regularly use them to communicate with people without having to use the phone. Sometimes, it’s the only option to talk to someone if you’re surrounded by distractions or need privacy. There are many instant messaging programs out there, including AIM Instant Messenger and Facebook Chat. One of the better options is Windows Instant Messenger, also called Windows Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Instant Messenger offers many great features. Aside from communicating with an individual, you can use a group chat function, send files, play games, view pictures, and link up computers. As of 2009, Microsoft stated that Windows Instant Messenger had over 300 million users per month. Windows Instant Messenger is easy to use. You can sign up for a free Microsoft Passport to give yourself a screen name, and you are all set.

Windows Instant Messenger is very handy in business. Many companies run Windows operating systems. Most people are used to being very busy at work, and don’t have time to scan emails or make calls. With Windows Instant Messenger, you can communicate with co-workers instantly. It’s a fast and easy way to answer quick questions, conduct team meetings, or transfer documents. Windows Instant Messenger allows you to appear as online so people can contact you. But if you’re really swamped, you can click the busy option and people won’t bother you. Messages are also logged, making it easy for you to refer back to a conversation to locate information you might need.

Windows Instant Messenger also has other great features. Windows Instant Messenger can synch up with other services, including Facebook and LinkedIn. This means you can import and communicate with contacts that are on Facebook Chat. You can also post updates to Facebook and MySpace directly through Windows Instant Messenger.

The program also allows you to appear as offline to certain people or groups. Even if you appear offline, you can still communicate with people. However, if you don’t want someone to bother you, you will appear as offline to them. Windows Instant Messenger will log messages for you even if you are offline, so you can see them once you appear online. You can appear offline to everyone, or only to certain people. This allows you to control your chat experience without having to feel like you’re ignoring someone’s messages.

Games and applications are also available on Windows Instant Messenger. You can access these games as you would a regular conversation. These include common games like Bejeweled, Solitaire, and Minesweeper. You can also challenge friends to games.

Windows Instant Messenger also offers a remote assistance option. This means that if you are experiencing a computer problem, another user is able to remote in to your computer to help you fix it. This is very beneficial for businesses, where IT departments are swamped with daily requests. This feature allows them to solve a problem in a matter of seconds. When someone remotes to your computer through Windows Instant Messenger, they take control of it. That saves the time and hassle of someone trying to walk you through something over the phone.

Instant communication is a part of society today. With Windows Instant Messenger, businesses can be more efficient. On the personal side, you can stay up to date with friends and family without having to constantly be on the phone. The service is free, and available to anyone with Windows.

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