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Pacific Play Tent - Encourage Creative Play with a Pacific Play Tent

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Most kids have created their own tent at one time or another. With a basic blanket and a few chairs a child could easily construct their own castle or spaceship, letting their imagination take them as far as they wanted to go. It is this idea of simple, innocent fun that was the founding motivation behind the start of the Pacific Play Tent Company. The Pacific Play Tent Company, or PPT, strives to take children and their parents back to a simpler time before there were video games and electronic distractions, a time when imagination was all the creative inspiration that was needed for hours of play.

The Pacific Play Tent Company holds to this creative and imaginative standard each season as they design a new line of play tents to inspire families to turn off the television, put down the video game, log off of the computer and play. The tents are designed to accommodate 2 or more children at a time in order to encourage interactive play, a skill and a joy that is quickly being overlooked as kids become engrossed in the virtual world at a younger age than ever. By interacting with their peers, children are able to practice and develop their problem solving skills and learn to cooperate with each other while using their imaginations.

Pacific Play Tents are carefully constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure durability and value. All of the tents undergo rigorous testing to make sure that they will last throughout a child’s imaginative years and beyond. The company has received many prestigious awards over the years including the “Toy of the Year” award and a “Best Play Value” award. The consistently high customer and parental satisfaction ratings speak for themselves.

The Pacific Play Tent Company offers a wide selection of children’s play tents. The tents are available in full color, adorable themes that are sure to spark a child’s imagination. There are several different categories of play tent options available. The first category of play tents offered by PPT is the Bed Tent. This unique design accommodates a full sized twin bed mattress and is available in a variety of playful themes such as the Secret Castle Bed Tent, the Train Bed Tent, the Lady Bug Bed Tent and the Pirate Bed Tent. These tents feature a curtained flap that acts as a front door. As with all of the Pacific Play Tents, the interior and exterior of the bed tents may be cleaned with mild soap and warm water.

The second category of play tents is the traditional play tent, though; there is nothing traditional about the fantastic variety of themes available to choose from! The selection includes: a Santa Fe Tee-Pee Tent, the Terrific Tiger Tent, a Space Module, a Commando Head Quarters, a Dancing Fairies Tent, a Carousel Tent and a Time Travel Tent. For the little ones, there is a selection of infant and toddler tents including a Starburst Tent, a Starlight Tent and a Moonbeam Tent.

The last category of tents is by far the largest of the three sizes and is called House Tents. These large tents are designed with play dates in mind and offer plenty of room for several children to play at once. The whimsical themes available for the house tents are every bit as adorable as with the other two categories and include: a fire house, a farm, a sheriff station, a diner, a dragon lair, a construction zone, a cottage and a clubhouse.

All of the Pacific Play Tent Company’s tents are interchangeable and can be combined with various play tunnels to create a customized adventure maze. With the huge selection of tents in various sizes and the tunnels that can be added to each tent, children can create a world that is limited only by their imagination for hours of creative play.

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