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Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor - Fast And Easy Food Prep With the Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor

using the food processor standard accessories optional equipment

With today’s often hectic schedule, everyone wants fast and east food prep. With the Cuisinart 7 cup food processor, the time it takes to chop, slice and blend by hand is reduced to just minutes. The classic 7 cup unit is the most popular size for home cooks. The processor has enough power and versatility to shred hard cheeses and vegetables, chop nuts, and slice meats to a consistent thickness for even cooking. This basic unit is powerful enough to effortlessly knead bread and cookie dough.

Using the Food Processor

The Cuisinart 7 cup food processor is easy to use and a breeze to clean up. After slicing or shredding disc is placed on the plastic center stem, the safety lid with wide mouth feeder tube can then be locked in place. The width of the feeder tube opening keeps pre-cutting fruits, vegetables, and meat to a minimum. The ingredient is then fed through the tube using one of the included pushers for easy, safe processing. The chopping/mixing blade does not require the detachable disc stem. The blade is placed in the bottom of the work bowl, food is placed in the bowl and the lid is then locked down. The touch pad control panel located at the base of the unit has a Pulse option as well as an On and Off setting. The Pulse setting is useful for precise chopping and blending without turning the ingredients into paste.

In addition to the operating manual, an instructional DVD and collection of recipes are included with purchase. Each of the removable parts of the processor are dishwasher safe. The exterior of the processor is cannot be immersed and should be cleaned by hand with a mild soap and water.

Standard Accessories

Standard equipment for the Cuisinart 7 cup food processor includes a scratch and impact resistant Lexan bowl, a medium slicing disc, a shredding disc, a chopping/mixing blade and a dough blade. Food pushers in large and small, a spatula, and the disc stem needed for the slicing and shredding discs, are included. Replacement parts and additional work bowls are available purchase.

Optional Equipment

There is a variety of optional equipment available for the food processing unit. A three blade set with cutting discs for fine grating, julienne, thick slices is one of the more popular after purchase options. For those who are looking for a quick way to cut French fries, Cuisinart makes a 6 x6mm blade for doing just that. For safe storage of the sharp blades and cutting discs, two options are available. The lockable blade and disc holder made of clear plastic accommodates the two blades, three cutting discs, and the detachable stem that come as standard equipment. A separate three disc holder is also available.

The classic Cuisinart 7 cup food processor is available in white, black, and brushed metal finishes and comes with a 5-year warranty on the 600 watt motor and 3-year limited warranty on any other defects.

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