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Maclaren Techno Stroller - The Durable and Safe Design of the Maclaren Techno Stroller

child seat hold available

There are some new designs available in the line of products available to use with a new baby or a toddler. The line of strollers from Maclaren includes products made to be easy to transport. The models found in the category of the maclaren techno stroller are created to be collapsible into the traditional umbrella fold. The Techno XT has a seat with backrest that can be positioned into four different modes of reclining. This makes it easier to accommodate a child who is getting sleepy. The interior seat sections come fully padded for baby’s comfort and are covered in a soft dark cloth material.

The XT model is able to hold children weighing up to fifty-five pounds and has a sturdy aluminum frame with upward curved handles. The front wheels are made to swivel easily so you can turn corners without struggling. The back wheels come with easy to use levers that set the brakes to hold your stroller securely in place. The Techno model XTR comes with a five point safety harness to keep your child safe and secure within the seat. The seat material is also made to be washable so you don’t have to worry about spills creating stains.

The XTR model is also created as a folding umbrella style and comes with a removable hood. The outer hood surface is created to be water resistant so baby won’t get wet if an unexpected rain shower should come up. The hood also has a viewing window made with a plastic that provides UV protection from the sun. The Techno models also have a handy shopping basket placed in the back at the bottom of the frame. This is a convenient way to carry personal items such as a tote or purse as well as a few shopping bags.

You will also find the Techno stroller models from Maclaren available in a twin or double size. This has the seats positioned on the item so they are side by side. The double stroller comes with the same high quality construction and features found in the single units. The seat backs can be positioned individually so each child can be accommodated for either sitting up or laying down. The hoods on each side also operate independently so you can position them according to what best suits each child. The hoods include inner pockets to hold the accessory items used for the stroller such as the rain cover and the netting for mosquitoes.

All of the strollers available in the Techno line are designed to fit children from birth to toddler. The XLR can hold a child weighing up to sixty-five pounds while the twin style has a total weight capacity of one hundred and ten pounds. The twin style allows you to place both a baby and toddler into one convenient stroller as long as the weight limit is not exceeded. The new designs of the various strollers from Maclaren also have reflective strips incorporated into the outer surface areas for more visibility at night.

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