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England Rugby Tickets - How to Get Inexpensive or Free England Rugby Tickets

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Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is especially beloved in England. Just like with any popular sporting event throughout the world, ticket prices can be steep, and at times, England rugby tickets can be near impossible to get your hands on. Sometimes they start out scarce and high-priced, but most of the time they start out more reasonably price and available, but soon spin out of control as the ticket brokers gain leverage.

The most unfortunate aspect to all of this is that rising costs are actually pricing out the most important people, the core fan. Without them, the sport is nothing, and yet the current situation forces most of them to watch from their couches. The fan settling for ticket prices at face value may see no live games at all and will certainly not be able to see all the games they’d like to. However, with some effort and a little creativity, a fan can stretch that sporting budget just a bit further.

1. Listen to local sports radio.

Are you listening to sports radio? Did you know that sports radio ratings in Europe and North America are higher than they have ever been? That translates into a great deal of advertising revenue and a lot of pressure on the local radio shows. In order to compete, the local radio shows are running more contests throughout the rugby season, and giving away free England rugby tickets much the way music programs give away concert tickets.

2. Stay active on the big websites dedicated to rugby.

As with anything in life, the best way to get ahead is through your network, but in order to do that, you have to build it. The good news is that the Internet offers a tremendous amount of opportunity. So find those large online communities and participate. Jump into the deep end. Most importantly, remember to be friendly, and make friends. Many people frequent sports forums simply to argue. Avoid this, and don’t be caught up in the need to have the last word. Act as you would in real life, and people will notice. As you build your network, you’ll gain contacts that will open avenues to free and inexpensive England rugby tickets.

3. Use the classifieds sections on those rugby websites.

Most of the large sports websites have classified sections. Traditionally, you’ll have to be a member awhile or have gained some respect before you have access. The effort and the wait are often worth it. The classifieds sections on these websites are like close-knit Stub Hubs. In many cases, you’ll be able to buy England rugby tickets at the original face values. Other times, people will need to move tickets fast, and will give great discounts to their forum mates.

4. Buy well in advance.

If you absolutely have to have England rugby tickets for a particular match, buying them from the source is the only way to guarantee that you get them. The problem here is that they sell out far in advance of the actual events because of the brokers. Consider the Test matches taking place this November and December. Tickets for those events went on sale in July and August, and in many cases, already sold out, or have unreasonable premiums attached to them.

5. On short notice, use Stub Hub and similar venues.

If you want to buy England rugby tickets on short notice, and have no contacts able to help, go to Stub Hub and similar venues online. These are especially great outlets for fans willing to buy the less coveted seats. Your fellow fans often sell their seats at or near face value. Of course, the deals here for coveted seating are less usual, and usually only occur the day before and the day of.

6. Avoid the brokers when possible. You’re better off with on-site scalpers.

Your worst options are the ticket brokers, and the secondary ticketers that work alongside the source is tantamount to a legal scam. When the source senses demand at a particular level, they’ll pull tickets off the market and transfer them to their secondary ticketer. Instead, without any other options, go to the event and buy the ticket from an on-site scalper. There is some risk here that you won’t be able to find a ticket, which makes it impractical for sites far from home. However, the last minute prices are often quite good, and worth the risk of disappointment.

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