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Los Angeles Cruises - Guide To Los Angeles Cruises

harbor spirit offer dinner

If you visit Los Angeles, there is no shortage of great sightseeing opportunities. The glitz of Hollywood and the history of the town is enough to fill an entire trip. There’s no question that the typical sightseeing opportunities in Los Angeles are great, but one of the most underrated tourist attractions in Los Angeles is a visit to the Los Angeles Harbor. Los Angeles cruises offer a unique opportunity to experience a part of the city that many people don’t consider. Here’s a guide to some of the great Los Angeles cruises.

Spirit Cruises is one of the best companies involved with Los Angeles cruises. Spirit Cruises offers a variety of cruise opportunities, including wedding cruises and other private party functions. The dinner cruise offered by Spirit Cruises is an amazing one. It includes a full dinner featuring prime rib and chicken. You can arrange a dinner cruise for a couple or for a large group, and the prices are reasonable. The dinner cruises also have cocktails and dancing, making it a great night. You can see all the beauty the harbor has to offer while enjoying some quality time with friends and loved ones.

Spirit Cruises also has regular harbor cruises, which is a cheap way to have some fun with the entire family. These cruises range from one to two hours. The popular Harbor Bay Cruise will allow you to see some great things, including large ships, tankers, and even seals. The prices are modest for adults and even cheaper for children. Longer cruises allow you to see the Queen Mary, Navy base, and federal prison. There is also a whale watching cruise that lasts two hours and guarantees you’ll see whales, dolphins, and other marine life.

There are other options for Los Angeles cruises as well. The Fiesta Harbor Cruise will show you a lot of those same things mentioned above, while providing a fun atmosphere and teaching you a lot about what you’ll see in the Los Angeles Harbor. There are also many other cruises that specialize in seeing marine life, including narrated tours.

Los Angeles cruises don’t have to stay in Los Angeles. In addition to the cruises at Los Angeles Harbor, the Port of Los Angeles also has many cruises that travel all over. Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Norwegian all dock here. They will take you on cruises to Mexico for as long as one or two weeks. There is also the popular Disney cruise, which will be a huge hit for young kids.

Los Angeles cruises offer tourists to see some more unique parts of the city. The Spirit Cruises also offer residents the chance to spend some romantic time out at sea, and they are the sight of many marriage proposals. If you’re visiting Los Angeles or you’re a resident looking for something to do, taking a cruise will be worth your while.

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