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Roger And Gallet - The Exotic Scented Products from Roger and Gallet

line collection using soaps

Using scented products such as soaps and hand creams have become popular among many people today. The various scents are created to help invoke a particular feeling or mood within the person using them. The collection of products from roger and gallet are created using natural ingredients for the various fragrances they contain. Their bois d’ornage collection is made with the essential oils and extracts from the orange tree. The designers use the leaf, fruit and wood from the tree in combination to create a line of scented soaps, fresh water sprays and body lotions. The inspiration behind the scent in this collection are the Andalousian gardens in Spain.

The products from Roger and Gallet also include a line made from natural bamboo. The natural ingredients found in this product are designed to help promote elasticity in the skin. The products use the rich sap from this wood, which is high in mineral and sugar content. In this particular line you will find several soaps including round bars and foaming gels. There is also a moisturizing lotion that helps return the natural suppleness to the skin while providing a degree of lift. This natural line of products has been dermatologically tested for pureness so it can be used by all family members.

These fragrance product designers also have a collection of items made from green tea. This particular line of products is made by combining the tea extracts with mandarin, yuzu and grapefruit as well as the woods of cedar and guayac to create a light fruity scent to the finished product. These items are available in a refreshing perfume spray, a liquid soap, a body shower gel and several body lotions. The ingredients are designed to help rejuvenate dry skin and have a exhilarating scent to help waken the senses. This line includes a decorative boxed set containing three round bars of soap weighing about three ounces each.

The rose collection of soaps and creams are designed to enhance the sensual side of a person. Inspired by the gardens found in India, the line of perfume sprays, soaps and lotions use the extracts of real rose petals in their fragrance creation. Another line using the oils found in flowers is the lavender collection. The products contain a combination of lavender, mandarin and vanilla along with a touch of cedar. There is also a complete line dedicated to the vanilla fragrance itself. This uses the pure vanilla sap that forms when the beans are removed from the flowers. This sap is rich in minerals and lipids to help refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Some other exotic soaps and creams you will find by these fragrance designers include the collection of products made with ginger as well as those using the blue lotus flower. There is also a fragrant line using citrone, which was inspired by the gardens found in Italy. Roger and Gallet specialize in capturing the exotic and unusual scents found around the world. All of their products are designed to awaken the senses as you use them and to linger long after you have applied them.

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