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No Fax Cash Loan - Advantages of a No Fax Cash Loan

why apply? the requirements cash loans

When you are looking for a way to get extra cash, a no fax cash loan may be one of the easiest ways to go about getting what you need. These loans are meant for people who may have problems getting a traditional loan, such as through a bank, and who need to get a hold of money quickly.

Why Apply?

Receiving a faxless cash loan has many advantages. A loan through a payday loan company can be used for whatever you need it for, as there are no requirements when you apply. You can use it for business or pleasure, and the company will not inquire as to why you need the loan. Many customers use faxless cash loans to catch up on bills when they have fallen behind, especially very important ones, such as the car or mortgage payment. Cash loans can be used to make utility payments, pay off money owed to a friend, or to buy groceries for the week. They may also be used for fun, such as clothes shopping or to have extra money for a vacation. Whatever the reason, a no fax cash loan is a good way to get the cash you need fast.

No Fax

When you apply online for a faxless cash loan, you don’t have to worry about sending in any information through a fax. Some payday loan companies require their borrowers to provide faxes to show their bank statements, pay stubs and/or identification. This can take time, and hold up the process of getting the loan. Additionally, not everyone has a fax machine readily available in their home, so they have to travel to send their paperwork in. With a faxless cash loan, the company will do all the required checking to make their customers eligible for a loan. As a customer, you simply provide the necessary information on an online form, and send it in through the website. No faxing makes for quicker approval times!

The Requirements

Applying online for a no fax cash loan is easy. You will be asked to supply your personal information. This will include specifics such as your name, address, phone number, social security number, e-mail address and more. The next step is to give the company your income information. You will fill in where you work, for how long, how much you make, etc. While most companies expect their customers to be employed, you may also be able to use other income to get a no fax cash loan, provided it is a steady source of income. This may include social security benefits or a pension. Finally, provide your checking account information, to include your account number and routing number. This is so the company can deposit your cash loan into your account directly, when you are approved.

Cash Loans

You can be approved for a cash loan in many amounts. Generally, a faxless cash loan company will offer their borrowers loans in the amount of $100 up through $1500. How much you receive personally will depend on a few factors. The first is how much you make. The more money you show that you make per paycheck, the more you are usually eligible for. Other factors in how much you can borrow will include the company itself and the state that you reside in. Every state has laws and regulations concerning payday loans, and some states cap the amount of a loan that can be received at once. For example, by law, you may only be allowed to borrow $500 at the most from a faxless loan company. The company itself may have rules in place, as well, such as how much they are willing to lend a first-time borrower.

When you are approved for the loan, the company will deposit the cash into the checking account that you have provided. This money is usually available within 24 hours or less, depending on the time the approval took place. The loan is due back on your next payday, along with any applicable fees. These finance charges range anywhere from $7 to $30 per $100 that is borrowed, depending on the company.

A no fax cash loan can be a great idea when you need fast cash. Consider one today if you need money and payday is too far away to wait.

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