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Camelbak Hydration Pack - Benefits of the Camelbak Hydration Pack

water classic easily backpack

The team at CamelBak Products realized something: active individuals would keep themselves better hydrated if it were easier to do so. And if active individuals were better hydrated, not only would their health be enhanced, but their performance would improve. And therein lay a potential market. When CamelBak created the first hands-free hydration pack, both motocross riders and mountain bikers loved the freedom this product gave them to drink whilst negotiating the technical demands of rough terrain. Eventually, CamelBak, headquartered in Petaluma, California, saw its product embraced by an ever-increasing number of athletes and other outdoor enthusiasts. Sales were bolstered when scientific evidence pointed to the performance benefits of increased hydration. U.S. military personnel and law enforcement agents worldwide also welcomed the streamlined simplicity of hydration which the CamelBak afforded them.

Seeking better health and optimal performance? The American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking at least one liter for every hour engaged in moderate exercise at moderate conditions, and also recommends drinking continuously, such as six to eight ounces every fifteen to twenty minutes of exercise. According to Elizabeth Quinn, factors which can influence dehydration include sweating rates (which vary from individual to individual), external temperature extremes of heat or cold, high altitude, and length and intensity of exercise. Scientific studies have shown that a drop in blood volume occurs when an individual loses two or more percent of body weight due to sweating. If blood volume drops, the heart works harder to circulate blood. Other problems can include dizziness, fatigue, muscle cramps, and even heat exhaustion or, more dangerously, heat stroke.

Benefits of the CamelBak hydration pack, and the water bottle that CamelBak also produces, extends to the environment, as well. If a reusable hydration product is used, it minimizes the solid waste impact on landfills that multiple disposable water bottle usage would create.

In contemplating a solid performer, the CamelBak Classic, the following state-of-the-art features are key selling points. The Omega water reservoir, or bladder, is sized to hold 2.1 liters of liquid, good for several hours of activity. Due to the Omega’s insulative properties, the reservoir helps hold the temperature of that liquid for a long time. Another feature of the Classic is the ability to fill its water reservoir externally. The reservoir’s large opening also makes it easy to clean its interior. The Omega bladder boasts a lifetime warranty.

The Classic backpack itself is covered by a two-year warranty, and offers a comfortable mesh harness designed to foster air circulation and to breathe easily. CamelBak also built this backpack with a Bungee-cord cinch system which can hold extra clothes, with an easily accessible outside pocket for keys and other small items, and with reflective material which helps give protection in low-light conditions. CamelBak backpacks also offer a sternum strap, which attaches to shoulder straps and allows a custom fit for upper-torso stability. (Some backpack models also offer an adjustable, removable waist strap for lower-torso stability.)
Because of its streamlined design, the Classic offers low wind resistance, no-slosh stability, and easily works around other gear, such as a bike helmet. The Classic works well for outdoor adventures in hiking, road- and mountain-biking, down-hill and cross-country skiing, and snowboarding.

The full range of liquid-holding capacities in backpack styles are from 1.5 to 3.1 liters. CamelBak also offers belt-type hydration packs from 830 mL to 1.3 liter capacities which better fit the needs of runners or walkers.

Other intelligent engineering work with the Classic includes a bite valve, which only allows water release at point of consumption (no spills, no hard tip to worry about), and a shut-off valve, which allows one-hand control over water delivery and ensures no leaks. Omega reservoirs also sport an antimicrobial treatment embedded directly into the bladder and tube walls, which helps to reduce the cause of discoloration, odors, or deterioration of these surfaces.

Why the name CamelBak? The moniker makes reference to the myth of a camel storing water in its hump (when, in actuality, a camel stores fat in its hump). You may not be headed out into a desert sandstorm, but you’ll probably need an easily carried, easily delivered source of water wherever you go. And that’s no myth.

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