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Find A Address - How to Find a Address of Any Type

find a street address find a mailing address find a web address find a email address

Many Web searchers type in “find a address,” employing the incorrect usage of a versus an, and know they will easily find addresses of many kinds in this Internet age. The search engines alone can provide direct information for those addresses that are easily found. There are high-end and sometimes expensive search options which may be used for the harder to find address, but there are just as many reasonable or free alternatives that merely need a few extra steps.

Find a Street Address

Since concerns about privacy are now paramount, it is harder to find street addresses than it once was. Surfers who type in “find a address” will first go to commercial sources. People finder sites abound, most of them focused on locating addresses. The street address which is available on such databases is often an old one. They can be as old as ten years, however, they are frequently the last available address for that person or establishment. While mail forwarding through the post office only lasts twelve months, many neighbors often give forwarding addresses or new contact information to their neighbors. It’s possible to send mail or messages through old neighbors.

Find a Mailing Address

P.O. Boxes can be even more difficult to locate than street addresses. They are more likely to be active, however, when reached. If a post office box has been closed, the sender of the mail will have it returned in a short time. He will be informed that the post office box has been closed.

Find a Web Address

In the modern age of more static Web addresses, websites are usually there or not there. Back when hosting was expensive and a lot of people opted for free hosts, it very common to find “we’ve moved” notices on one free hosted site pointing to another. When someone types in “find a address” these days, they generally are sent to a domain or sub-domain that is either there or not there. It’s unusual to find “we’ve moved” notices now. When a site has moved, scripting is often used to meta-refresh the page to the new site.

If a web address is extinct, however, it’s still possible to find the page on Web archives like the Way Back Machine. Such sites cache historical copies of websites including extinct ones. There are some very old sites archived, going back to the beginning of the Web.

Find a Email Address

Everyone used to have one email address, generally associated with their Internet Service Provider. Many people now opt for a Web-based email provider such as Gmail or Hotmail. As a result, one person can have many addresses that are forwarded to one email address. They can also have many email addresses with only some of them being regularly checked. An email can arrive at a still-active email address and still never be read. There are some options for “read email” responses, but even those are unreliable.

The best bet, after typing in “find a address” at one of the online People Finders, is to make note of all the email addresses returned. One can then do a web search for each individual email address in order to find one that is still in use on forums or communities. It is also possible to simply do a Web search for a person’s name or frequently-used screen-name in order to locate an email address. Another option is to locate an “instant mailbox” at a forum for the person and make contact that way.

Barring those possibilities, one can also write a personal note to all the potential addresses and hope for the best.

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