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Mirage Casino Las Vegas - How Does the Mirage Casino compete with the Newer Mega Casinos in Las Vegas?

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When Steve Wynn opened The Mirage in November of 1989, it was like no other hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. As the first Las Vegas Hotel built with Wall Street money, it turned out to be a great investment. Built for $630 million dollars, The Mirage was the most expensive hotel-casino ever built in Las Vegas.

Steve Wynn was a true Las Vegas visionary. He is largely credited with turning a tired looking Las Vegas, with slumping revenues into a modern playground for adults. The hotel met with so much success, it was able to completely pay off its big construction loan in just 18 months. During the last part of the 20th century, The Mirage continued to be regarded as the number one hotel-casino in Las Vegas. If you were going to Vegas, you wanted to stay at the Mirage. Even as new hotels and casinos sprung up, once the novelty wore off, people returned to The Mirage.

What was the secret? Being the first Mega Casino of its kind certainly gave The Mirage a headstart. Older establishments like Caeser’s Palace and The Tropicana, did not update their properties fast enough. While newer properties like Luxor, New York, New York and Mandalay Bay all had issues of their own. Perhaps the biggest reason why The Mirage remained at the top for so long was because of the clientele they attracted and were able to retain.

Most major casinos will tell you that their real profits come from having very wealthy people stay and play at their property. Someone who can drop 2 or 3 million in a single night playing blackjack without blinking an eye, is a goldmine to a casino. These so called “whales” come from all over the world and The Mirage has a major marketing program designed to recruit them. They have liasons personally travel to Asia where many wealthy businessmen are known to love to gamble. From China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore come players ready and willing to wager a $100,000 or more on a single bet. The Mirage does everything possible to accomodate them.

One of the best of those accomodations is a stay at The Villas at The Mirage. A three bedroom, 4545 square foot Villa will set the average person back $5000.00 per night. For most of the really high rollers, the suite is offered up for free – a comp if you will. The Mirage is plenty savvy enough to know that each night they can entice the guest to stay and play at their casino, the chances are very good that they will make much, much more than the $5000.00 they normally charge for the room. This strategy has been widely adapted by all of the major hotel-casinos in Las Vegas. Steve Wynn and The Mirage were amongst the first to really offer such luxury.

A suite at The Villas is something very few will ever be able to experience, but everyone will wish they had. If anyone who comes to Vegas has the opportunity to stay at one of these suites, they should take advantage of the offer. Starting with the private gated entrance outside to the private villa, everything is absolutely first class. Complimentary limousine service to and from the airport, drops you in your temporary home away from home. Twenty four hour butler service will attend to all of your needs. From the private swimming pool to the outdoor hot tub, a guest will know they are among the elite. There is even a putting green in your private backyard. No amenity has been spared indoors as well. With floorspace about twice the size of a middle class home, and designer quality furnishings, it is truly a luxurious experience.

As a guest, you will be offered preferred Tee times at the exclusive Shadow Creek golf course and complimentary seats to all the top shows in town. If your wife needs a new dress for dinner, a personal shopper will see that she gets what she wants.

Going above and beyond expectations is what keeps the now 21 year old hotel-casino competitive with super new mega casinos like Wynn Las Vegas, The Venetian and The Bellagio from gaining the upper hand in the luxury Vegas market. Even though Steve Wynn sold his interest in The Mirage (to build his latest project), his influence remains. MGM/Mirage continue to play a major role on the Las Vegas Strip.

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