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Disney Vacations Cheap - Finding Disney Vacations Cheap

disney vacations cheap via discounters

Finding Disney vacations cheap is a matter of knowing where to locate current information. Cheap Disney Travel sites are all over the Web, however, the deal location is simple when a few rules are followed.

There are incredibly good, off-season travel packages available to most Disney resorts and locations. Due to the lower volume of travel to those destinations, seasonal travelers can take advantage of the low tide by traveling then. Most travel packages are cheaper, on average, than similar locations, due to the number of travelers and the competition by other companies vying for the travel business. During lighter travel times, the competition is more fierce. Knowing when the off-seasons are can be very helpful. A friendly travel agent can save hours of time looking for the information. There are some general guidelines:

Disney knows four seasons: Value Season, Regular Season, Peak Season and Holiday Season

Value Season is the least expensive period, with Regular Season coming in a close second. Peak Season and Holiday Season are the more expensive. Value Season includes the off-season and therefore least crowded time periods of January 2nd through the end of February although US Presidents’ Day has an uptick in visitors, April Through late May, with spring break being heavier, mid-September through early October, and late November through mid-December. Holidays and peak summer travel times are the highest cost times in general for Disney vacations.

Disney Vacations Cheap via Discounters

Follow-up on possible discount Disney vacations packages through employers or other organizations. In the event a package Disney vacation isn’t in the plans, many associations and organizations, including employers, have Disney discount cards. These can represent a substantial savings. Some organizations and employers even hold a specially priced day at Disneyland or Disney World.

Although it used to be that making room reservations separately from a Disney vacation package made for a cheaper overall price, Disney travel planners have become much more conscious of offering less expensive room rates with their travel packages. There are also often bonus benefits for such a travel package that are offered at no additional cost. When discounted room rates come out in the value season, those discounts are now also traditionally applied to special package offers.

It’s also often a good idea to sample rates from various travel agencies and organizations, including calling Walt Disney Travel Company at different times. Whenever a good rate is given, contact information can be taken down and that person called again to take advantage of the quoted rate. Hundreds of dollars can be saved this way.

Disney Vacations Cheap a la Carte du Jour

Less expensive plane tickets are easily found, by flying at off-peak times and seasons. The best bet with Disney lodgings, if a Disney travel package isn’t in the offing, is to look at the smaller motels surrounding the Disney destinations. Truly wonderful rates, at very nice places, can be had by investigating cheaper options. What a name hotel charges several hundred for can often be found for closer to one hundred.

Another serious concern when dealing with Disney vacations is the high cost of dining within the resorts. If one restricts oneself to the huge hamburger stands at the center of the Disney resorts, one will certainly pay the price. There are many less-frequented restaurants in Disneyland and Disney World. At Disneyland, there is Carnation Gardens, which is much less crowded and where a much better value meal may be had. Fresh fruit and other nutritious foods are available for purchase throughout the parks. Ask the cast members, which is the term Disney uses for its theme park staff, for information. They will often be happy to suggest the best places to dine for less.

There’s also the possibility of leaving the resort itself for meals. Anyone leaving and wanting reentry to Disneyland or Disney World must have their hand stamped by a cast member before exiting the park. Be sure to save the parking receipt, if the plan is to drive elsewhere, so parking doesn’t have to be purchased twice. Be sure to retain the entry ticket for the park as well.

Following these guidelines, it’s entirely possible to make Disney vacations cheap.

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