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Maytag Gas Ranges - The Two Basic Designs for Maytag Gas Ranges

oven models burner units

There are some appliance companies that have been in business a long time and have earned a reputation for manufacturing dependable products. You will see this in the line of items available from Maytag. In addition to the various washers, dryers and refrigerators they also manufacture several styles of ovens. The maytag gas ranges come as stand alone or slide-in models. The basic single oven design for the maytag gas stove will have a large capacity oven interior measuring a little more than five cubic feet. This unit includes a four burner cooktop with power speed heating.

The single oven model is available as a self-cleaning unit so you save time in maintaining your oven surface. This particular model also has the ability to use a convection type of air flow to roast meats faster than traditional ovens. The burner elements include one shaped as a griddle to accommodate larger sized pans for even heating. The line of gas ranges from Maytag also offers several styles that have double ovens. These units have the standard large oven on the bottom with a smaller one on top. The Gemini model is a freestanding unit that allows you to cook two different items at different temperatures at the same time.

The slide-in styles are a little different in design than the stand alone units. The slide-in design does not have a back section that extends from the burner area. On the freestanding models this section is where you will find the various controls for the burners and oven. The controls on the units designed to be used in combination with a cabinet will be located on the front portion of the range. These models also come with large capacity ovens with two convenient inner racks that can be adjusted for better cooking.

Some models of the slide-in styles will have burners that operate at different power levels. There may be one burner that uses a high amount of power to provide speed cooking. You may also find the various units with different setting options used for the oven such as the keep warm and delay cooking settings. These items have a stove top design with an open grid design to allow for even distribution of the heat from the flames. The various stand alone and cabinet models are available in a few color choices such as black, white and stainless steel.

The stand alone units will come with a black stove top area for cooking and may have the smooth style of surface. The smooth design has the heating elements for the burners as part of the surface construction so there are no protruding burner coils or messy pans to contend with. The area can be easily cleaned by wiping it off with a damp sponge. The models with the double oven include two racks for the large oven and one rack for the smaller one. All of these are adjustable and removable for ease of cleaning the interior oven’s surface.

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