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Golf Clubs Driver - Using Golf Clubs Like the Driver Strategically

hole ball shot fade

There is an old cliché in golf that says “drive for show, but putt for dough,” meaning that even though you may drive the golf ball well, you still have to make your putts. While it is true that you spend more time putting than you do hitting your other gold clubs like driver, driving the golf ball well is still a very important part of the game. Hitting a good drive off the tee sets you up for success for the rest of the hole and can inspire confidence in all parts of your game. If you know that you can hit fairways, you can be more aggressive with your other shots, knowing that the biggest danger on the hole is over. Indeed, learning to use your golf clubs, specifically the driver, strategically will help you to shoot better scores and lower your handicap.

One of the first parts about strategy that you should think about has nothing to do with actually hitting a golf shot. This part relies on planning your attack for the hole. Before playing the hole, take time to study the layout, noting where any trouble spots like hazards, rough, and out of bounds may be. After that, look at the total distance of the hole and begin formulating your strategy by working backwards from the hole. Think about how close you would need to be to hit a comfortable, full, short shot into the green. For many people this might be 100 yards. After that, think about what club you would need to hit off the tee to get to that distance.

Another thing to think about on the tee box is if the hole is a par five. Par five greens are reachable in two shots for longer hitters, but if you are short off the tee, you need to consider whether or not you need to hit a driver at all on the hole. For example, if you know that even if you hit the best drive of your life that you will still be too far away to hit the green in two shots, you may want to consider taking a shorter club like a fairway metal or hybrid club to get into the fairway. These clubs are easier to control than the driver since they are shorter, allowing you to stay out of trouble. You will have to lay up anyway, so taking the easier to control club takes a lot of risk out of the equation.

Using your golf clubs like driver to shape shots is also an important part of golf strategy. Shaping your shots refers to deliberately adding spin to your shots to manipulate the ball flight in one direction or the other. In golf, there are two basic flights besides the straight shot. The first kind of ball flight is called a draw. For a right handed golfer, the draw starts slightly right of the target and then gently turns back to the left. A draw generally goes further than any other kind of ball flight and flies on a lower trajectory, making it a good shot to have in your repertoire for windy days. The second kind of basic ball flight is called the fade. The fade, for a right handed golfer, is a shot that starts to the left of the target and then gently curves to the right. The fade is a great shot to have because it flies on a higher trajectory than the draw or a straight shot, allowing you to stop the ball on greens more easily. The fade does travel a little less distance than a straight shot or a draw, however. After learning how to hit a draw or a fade, you can begin to incorporate them into your game. They are particularly important on holes that dogleg to the left or the right. You can use your draw or fade to turn around the corner, cutting off distance and making your approach shot into the green easier. Also, you can use a draw or fade to help you to get the ball closer to tightly tucked pins. For example, if a hole is situated on the right edge of the green, taking direct aim at the flag leaves little margin for error. If you hit it to the right, you will be off the green. Instead, you can play a fade, aiming at the center of the green. The ball will start to the left of the flag and then gently turn towards the hole, hopefully leaving you with a birdie opportunity.

By using golf clubs like the driver strategically, you will shoot better scores in no time.

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