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Lake Buena Vista Vacation - Vacationing at Lake Buena Vista

• outdoor activities • restaurants • entertainment • health and fitness • sightseeing and tours • shopping • motels and hotels:

The term buena vista is translated from Spanish as “good view”. The City of Lake Buena Vista is located in the heart of Florida in Orange County. It is the home of Walt Disney World Resorts. It is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan Statistical Area. Formerly called the City of Reedy Creek the name City of Lake Buena Vista became official in late 1969. Buena Vista was the street name from the corporate offices in California of the Walt Disney Company. Inhabitants of the city that live in the small community on Royal Oak Court are employees of Disney.

The actual lake called Lake Buena Vista is east of the Buena Vista Golf Course. There are many things that can be done in the City of Lake Buena Vista. Playing golf on a world renowned course, visiting an aquarium, sightseeing, nightlife and museums are just a few of the things available to do and see while on vacation there.

Vacationing in Florida at Lake Buena Vista puts you in the middle of the state. From there you can venture out to other locations but the variety of sights and entertainment in Lake Buena Vista can fill many days with different attractions and various experiences without having to travel for hours to get somewhere else.

Attractions for the whole family within 15 miles of Lake Buena Vista include

• Museums and Art Galleries

Science museums, museums for children, art museums and history museums bring the past and present within reach making the vacation a trip to remember.

• Zoos & Aquariums

Animals, wildlife, farms and aquatic wildlife turn a rest day into an educational journey filling minds with information and providing a new use for a child’s imagination.

• Outdoor Activities

Hiking, camping, backpacking, golfing, hunting and fishing are just a few of the vacation treats available at Lake Buena Vista.

• Parks & Gardens

Playgrounds, national & state parks, theme parks, gardens and dog parks provide a vacationing family with fun hours playing at the park just like they do at home.

• Restaurants

Local breweries, favorite restaurants aimed specifically at children, music bistros and foods from all over the world are available to sample and taste so the trip to Lake Buena Vista will be memorable in every way.

• Entertainment

Bars, breweries and nightlife beckon the travelers to partake of the more adult features of the vacation. Movies and theaters are welcoming to all travelers who are looking for a few hours of sitting down and relaxing and still having an adventure.

• Water Sports and Parks

Snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, beaches, boating, sailing, lakes and pools offer water sports and a chance to cool off enjoying the water, splashing with the kids and relaxing in the sun. Seeing sights underwater and enjoying the sun and surf bring a whole new person out while on vacation.

• Health and Fitness

Health clubs, physical fitness, gyms, spas and bowling can provide an energy release needed after a long tiring day.

• Sightseeing and Tours

Landmarks and historical sites, Tours whether guided and self-guided and nature walks at a functioning greenhouse with a wetlands observatory lets you see Lake Buena Vista up close and in its natural state.

• Shopping

Vacations and trips always require souvenirs. Items like plates, flags, ornaments, collectible pins, pictures, toys, mugs, cups, stuffed animals are available in dozens of stores in the area. A variety of other items are available as well. Clothing, towels, gifts, candy and toiletries can be purchased a local stores..

• Motels and Hotels:

Lake Buena Vista has many hotels and motels to choose from such as bed and breakfast inns, Resorts, family hotels, motels, low cost hotels, romantic getaway hotels and pet friendly hotels

Lake Buena Vista can be a vacation highlight that will provide hours of entertainment, lots of memories and together time for the family. A centrally located city with a variety of entertainment, cultural sights, fun facts and details to make any vacationer glad they went there to explore Florida and experience world-wide service.

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