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Audio Shelf System - The Compact yet Powerful Design of the Audio Shelf System

includes player available radio

There are some electronics designd to be compact in size so they can easily fit on a shelf in any home. The audio shelf system is a compact type of device that can play CDs and also pick up radio frequencies. You will find these products in a wide assortment of designs as well as from various manufacturers. The models available from Geneva include a handy dock for placing an ipod. This small audio system is constructed from a durable plastic and is available in several color choices including white, black and red. This system includes a CD player and radio that are easy to switch between using the convenient remote control.

Sony also offers several products in the line of shelf audio systems. There models come in the more traditional design with the speakers being separate items connected by wires to the main unit. This product includes an LCD display, digital clock and built-in sleep timer. It also includes a Bluetooth transmitter and headphone jack. The network player is wireless and uses digital audio playback. This model has a fully functional CD player with track programming, MP3 playback and ID3 tag support. The system includes a digital AM/FM radio and the main section measures about eleven inches in length.

The Phillips model MCD702 of audio system for use on shelves is also designed in the traditional manner. This unit has a very stylish design with the speaker cabinets being constructed from a wood grain style of plastic. The grilles on the speakers are detachable and the system includes a woofer and a tweeter. The main unit has a built-in fluorescent display and comes with dynamic bass boost. This advanced system includes a CD player as well as a DVD player and works well when used with home theater systems.

There are also several products available from Bose. These shelf units are often referred to as wave acoustic systems and come in contemporary designs that resemble the look of a wave. Their Wave Music system 2 has the radio, CD player and speakers all contained in one convenient machine. This unit measures eighteen inches in width, seven inches in depth and only ten inches in height. The total system weighs only fourteen pounds making it very transportable for relocation.

The radio on the Bose system is a standard AM/FM style with LCD display. The machine allows you to preset up to twelve stations for quick access. The machine has a top loading CD player that includes features such as skip, scan, continuous play or repeat all. This unit can play standard CDs as well as CD-Rs and CD-RWs. It is also capable of playing MP3s and comes with a handy remote control. There are also different models available from Bose that are designed to be placed on a shelf. These system may be larger in height and width and may come with additional audio features. The basic Bose units are available in colors of gray and white and come with stereo output and the cables you need to connect the audio and the power.

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