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Jvc Camcorder Charger - A Guide to JVC Camcorder Chargers

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JVC camcorders are some of the bestselling on the market. The primary reason for this is the balance that JVC achieves between price and feature set across the entire range. Their premium models manage to attract the professional crowd with innovation, and the economy tier is appealing to the average consumer because it sacrifices little while coming in at around $200. In between those two ends, customers have a great deal of choice. One of the greatest difficulties in making that choice is understanding the different battery and JVC camcorder charger options.

Do all JVC camcorders include a JVC camcorder charger?

No. In fact, only the high-end JVC camcorders include a separate JVC camcorder charger in the box. This is necessary to maintain those aggressive price points at the economy and mid-tier levels. The upside to this situation is that JVC camcorders do not require a separate charger. Each unit is able to act as its own JVC camcorder charger simply by connecting the device to a wall outlet using the included AC adapter. This feature is significant. Since a JVC camcorder charger runs anywhere from $60-100, JVC would have to price their economy models far less competitively.

Should I use the internal charger or a separate JVC camcorder charger?

It is best to purchase a separate charging unit. The reason being that even with today’s technology, charging is a sloppy process, and that wasted energy is simply heat that accumulates in the camcorder and cooks the internals. It won’t hurt the device today, and it probably won’t even matter several months from now. However, if you use the built-in charger over an external JVC camcorder charger long-term, it absolutely will diminish the lifespan of your camcorder.

Are there other benefits to a JVC camcorder charger?

Yes. The internal charger is far less efficient than the standalone models. This means several things. One, it will use less energy to perform the same job. Two, it will get the job done faster. Three, since it’s more efficient, it will generate less heat, and therefore will get the most out of your camcorder battery life. In addition, you can purchase adapters that will allow you to charge the batteries via USB ports and automobile lighters.

Do I have to purchase a branded JVC camcorder charger?

No, but… A JVC camcorder charger for your data batteries will cost anywhere from $60-100. A JVC data battery costs about $60, nearly as much as the charger. Consumers can purchase off-brand chargers at a significant savings, in some cases as low as $20. However, there is a trade-off. You get what you pay for. The chargers charge far slower, and they create a lot of additional heat, which diminishes the lifespan of your $60 battery. The savings may seem great initially, but most consumers will find the JVC camcorder charger the better value in the end.

Do I have to activate my data batteries?

Yes. Just as with any camcorder battery, you must activate the pack. Using the camcorder in charger mode or the JVC camcorder charger, fully charge the battery 3-5 times. Only then is the battery fully activated and the feedback from the battery reliable. Note that it is OK to use the batter after that first charge. Just be sure that during this process of charging and using, you are fully charging and discharging 3-5 times.

How do I maintain my battery in the short-term?

Whenever you finish using the camcorder, remove the battery. Then, completely discharge it, and then fully charge it. Store it outside of the JVC camcorder. Make sure the camcorder and the batteries are in a cool place, no warmer than room temperature. Consistently taking these precautions will ensure that you maximize the life of your data battery.

How do I maintain my battery in the long-term?

The only difference for long-term maintenance is when storing the camcorder for periods longer than a month. In those cases, you do not want to store the battery at full power. Fully discharge the battery, and then store it as described above. If you store it in this manner for two or months, then each month, you should fully charge and then discharge the battery before storing it again.

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