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Repair Garage Door Opener - How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

close check remote correctly

A garage door opener is a wonderful convenience and especially nice to use when the weather is bad. When you approach your home and your garage door opens automatically, it is great to drive right in without getting out of your car until it is in the warm dry garage. However, if the opener is not working properly, it can be inconvenient and frustrating.

You can still open and close the garage door if you pull the cord that hangs down from the opener. That will disengage the system and allow you to get the door up or down manually until you can repair the garage door opener. Use caution when closing the door, because it may go down faster than it should if there is a broken spring or cable. If you must get out of your vehicle to open and shut your garage door by hand, you probably want to repair the garage door opener as soon as possible.

If you have the owner’s manual, you will find information about parts that you may need to order and some helpful tips on how to repair a garage door opener. First, make sure that the wires supplying electricity to the opener are in good shape, that the electrical cord is plugged in and that the breaker has not tripped off. If the motor has been trying to open or shut the door and become overheated, shut it off or unplug it, and let it cool down for 15 minutes before trying it again.

If the door does not open and close easily, you may need to increase the tension of the spring, or replace it if increasing the tension does not work. If the door will not close, check the beam sensor to see that it is aligned correctly and plugged in. If the remote works but the button on the wall does not, check it for frayed wires or loose connections. If the remote does not work, replace the battery in the remote, and make sure the antenna is positioned outside the housing of the opener.

If the motor runs but the door will not open or close, check for a worn chain drive sprocket or worm gear. If it shows signs of wear, you may need to replace it or get it serviced by a professional. Reset the catch and reactivate the opener by pulling the disconnect cord.

If the door goes back up before closing, check for and remove any obstruction in its path. If anything at all blocks the electric eye, the door will not close properly. Adjust the close limit if it is not set correctly. If the garage door opener turns on by itself, the button on the remote may be stuck, or the circuit board may be faulty. If your door opens without your command, your opener may be on the same frequency as a neighbor’s, and his/her garage door may open too when you use your opener. Simply reset the frequency to prevent that annoying occurrence.

For incomplete opening or closing, remove anything that might obstruct the track. If the door is not aligned correctly, loosen the mounting screws, and straighten it with a mallet. Tighten any loose hardware, and equalize the spring tension if it is not even. If the sensitivity and open and close limits are not set right, adjust them to the specifications listed in the owner’s manual.

After you repair your garage door opener, inspect the unit twice a year to detect any problems that may be arising, and correct them before they become major issues. Does the door open and close easily? Does the automatic reversing feature work correctly? If the hinge rollers are dirty, use kerosene or degreaser to clean them. Use lightweight oil to lubricate the roller shaft and roller bearings. Remove debris and grime from the tracks and chain. If the door lock bar needs adjusting, loosen the screws first, and then move the lock bar guide bracket to the correct position. Tighten the screws again after making the adjustment. Correcting small problems early will ensure that you will not have to tackle a major garage door opener repair job later, and you will be spared the inconvenience of opening the door manually until the repairs are completed.

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