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Jvc Camcorder Accessories - A Guide to JVC Everio Camcorder Accessories

starter kits lenses & filters carrying bags battery charger stereo microphones

Shooting video has never been more convenient. Simply pull out that digital camera, point, and shoot. There’s nothing to it. However, what happens when you shoot a lot of video? That camera just became a lot less convenient. Are these important memories? Well, the video isn’t as high quality as we’d like.

Sure, point-and-shoot cameras are nice, but camcorders are still king of the video of the hill. And on that hill, where hundreds of companies are jockeying for position, the JVC Everio series manages to stand apart. It’s no secret why. JVC does what it does best. It offers feature-rich at a price level that the average consumer can afford.

Now, once you’ve made the purchase of that Everio, it isn’t the end of the story. To get the most out of your camcorder experience you need to individualize it, and to do that, you need some of these JVC camcorder accessories. There’s no shortage of them, and the choice can be overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve assembled this guide to help you make sense of all those JVC camcorder accessories.

Starter Kits

JVC offers the Everio series at amazing prices, the least expensive starting around $190. Still, that’s a significant chunk of change, and not everyone has much left over to buy the needed JVC camcorder accessories. It is for these people that JVC targets the starter kits, which they price at about $30, and which include the needed battery along with a basic carrying case. If the case is too basic, kits ranging up to $100 include versions that are more elaborate.

Lenses & Filters

The stock lens on the Everio has built-in protection, but is it enough? It is for infrequent use. However, if you plan to use you camcorder more regularly, a filter kit is a $50 investment that will protect all of your lenses long-term against dust, fingerprints, and even scratches.

Most users will find that the stock lens offers more than enough versatility. For those that want more power, JVC has a wide range of lenses in their selection of JVC camcorder accessories. For $100, the wide conversion lens gives you a broader angle and flexibility in limited areas while the telephoto conversion lens offers 1.4X zoom. At the $250 price point, the wide provides 0.7X magnification and the HD telephoto lens provides 1.8X.

Carrying Bags

JVC also offers a great selection of carrying bags outside of the starter kits. They’re available in a wide range of colors rather than just black, and prices begin at about $30. Customers have the choice of pouch and horizontal, similar to the ones found in starter kits. At the $45 mark, the bags get heavy-duty straps, and at the $100 mark, we have sophisticated storage bags suitable for travel.

Battery Charger

By default, Everio batteries charge directly inside the camcorder whenever we connect the device to an outlet. This works in a pinch, but it’s not the best long-term strategy because it’s a great deal of unnecessary abuse on your camcorder. A high-quality charger saves your camcorder. It also charges your batteries faster and extends their lifespans due to better heat dissipation. The bad news is that these battery chargers range from about $60-100. If you can’t afford one when purchasing the camcorder, charge inside the device until you can.

SD/SDHC Flash Memory Cards

As part of the pricing strategy for the Everio line, most do not include an SD/SDHC card, and you need at least one to make the camcorder usable. The good news is that you can get a 4 GB card for $8-10. An 8 GB card will cost around $18-20, and a 16 GB card will cost around $35-40. One of the great features of the Everio line is that each camcorder has two slots, and if the device has two cards installed, those cards work together in tandem transparently. Buy a 4 GB now if you must, and then upgrade later without losing out.

Stereo Microphones

The stereo microphones in the lineup of JVC camcorder accessories are not needs, but once you use one, you’ll wonder how you got on without it. They are a little pricey at anywhere from $100-200, but they allow you to record at a level of quality equal to the video. Note that JVC has recently discontinued the excellent MZ-V8U due to low sales. They can be a little tricky to find now, but one can find incredible savings off the original list price.

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