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Ceiling Hugger Fans - Benefits of using hugger ceiling fans

air level help comfortable

Regardless of what type of home you live in, a ceiling fan will make a tremendous difference in the level of temperature comfort you feel inside the home, and will help to reduce your energy costs as well. Hugger ceiling fans are especially helpful in rooms with a low ceiling, as the fans literally ‘hug’ the ceiling instead of dropping down to a lower level.

Hugger ceiling fans differ from traditional ceiling fans in only one way, which is that they have the ability of sitting close to the ceiling while still circulating air. Traditional ceiling fans require a rod that will drop the fan from the ceiling by several feet, depending on where and how it is installed. With hugger ceiling fans, they sit flush to the ceiling, taking up no extra space, so that they help to make rooms with low-level ceilings or even angled ceilings, cool and comfortable.

Ceiling fans can be used all year long to keep indoor temperatures at a comfortable level, circulate air, and help to reduce energy costs. Homes with ceiling fans have been proven to have lower electric bills than homes without, and they also maintain a more comfortable temperature level than other homes. Hugger ceiling fans are the perfect option for keeping low-level ceiling height rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They can be used in basements, attics, apartments, mobile homes, or any room with a ceiling under eight feet in height. A hugger ceiling fan will not interfere with walking space, as the blades will be located at no more than one foot from ceiling height. Yet that small amount of space will be enough to circulate air with ease, keeping any room comfortable at any time of year.

Many people do not realize how useful ceiling fans can be in cold winter months. Virtually everyone realizes that in hot summer months a ceiling fan can help circulate air and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. But what most people do not know is that they can be just as helpful in the winter too. In winter months, the direction of the air can be reversed with just a switch of a button so that air is still circulated, but in an upwards direction which will help circulate warm air from other sources (i.e. space heaters, furnaces, etc.) and distribute the warmth all around the room.

Earlier it was mentioned that hugger ceiling fans help save on your electric bill. This is very true, and you will see your savings within the first month. However this statement confuses many people because they envision the ceiling fan running all day and all night and they assume it uses a lot of electricity. This is not the case. The overall cost of running a ceiling fan equates to just pennies a day. In fact, a ceiling fan that runs nonstop for an entire month will cost approximately $ 5.00 to use.

With the variety of styles, colors, and textures of hugger ceiling fans, there is something for every style and budget. White ceiling fans blend in with ceilings, while wood-toned fans enhance the appearance of a room. Whatever your preference, you will find that there are many benefits of using hugger ceiling fans.

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