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Harley Davidson Uk - Tips for Buying a Used Harley Davidson in the UK

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Harley-Davidson is an iconic American brand that has fans throughout the world. Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than it is in the United Kingdom where Harley-Davidson is one of the most popular bikes on the road. Most enthusiasts dream about their Harley years before actually owning one. Therefore, now that you’re in position to buy, you’re likely ready to jump right into the deep end. However, before you head down to the dealer or pick up today’s Sun and start answering “Harley for Sale” ads in the classifieds, there are some items worth considering.

• Price the insurance first.

Many first-time bike owners in the UK do not prepare themselves for the high cost of insurance, and end up being blindsided by it. If this is your first bike, there’s a lot to contend with beyond the actual bike. So before you start shopping for the bike, price that helmet and shop around for the insurance. For a good rate, you’re going to need to pay six months up front. Factor that into the cost, and budget accordingly. It makes more sense to wait another month than it does to get into a monthly insurance plan.

• Will that be cash or credit?

Let’s face it, Harleys aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait a lifetime saving up to afford one. However, if you are planning to buy a Harley-Davidson in the UK on credit, then prepare yourself to spend more time hunting for the right loan than the right bike. The bottom line is that many banks simply do not want to deal with motorcycle loans. The main reason for this is that the rate of default is much higher. People generally buy Harleys as a luxury not as their primary means of transportation. Keep in mind that you are unlikely to get a loan for a purchase from a private seller unless your credit is extremely good.

• Shop online

Is this advice even necessary? Shouldn’t it be obvious to shop online? You might think so, but the numbers suggest this isn’t the case. In fact, it seems most European consumers are still reticent about making those big purchases online. That’s a shame because the increased competition online shaves a sizable chunk off that Harley-Davidson premium. Even if you refuse to buy online, you can use the information gathered there as a bargaining chip locally. Moreover, if you’re buying used, there will be many additional UK-specific opportunities not found in the newspaper classifieds.

• Recognize that not all Harleys are the same.

Many first-time UK buyers fall in love with the idea of a Harley, without knowing what it is they really want. Cruisers are the most popular but they certainly aren’t sportsters or softails, and they aren’t particularly well suited to travelling. Touring Harleys are an awesome choice for the traveller, but it will end up sitting in your garage a lot if you intend to use it around town. We give a brief overview of each style below. Test-drive each one that seems appealing. This way when you make the purchase, you know you’re getting exactly what you want out of it.

Harley-Davidson Styles Available in the UK

• Cruisers

Cruisers include the Fat Boys, Heritage bikes, and the early Nostalgia models. The bikes combine elements of a touring bike and a softail for an awesome around-town experience. They are not, however, particularly well suited to the novice driver.

• Dyna

The Dyna is essentially a street-class Harley that combines the dual shock rear suspension of a touring bike with the light front end of a sportster. In other words, this bike is a sportster that trades in a little performance for an overall smoother ride.

• Softails

The softail is the unique Harley ride, and it offers that rigid, classic ride not available everywhere else. This is the perfect choice as an everyday rider, and it makes a great base for a custom.

• Sportster

Harley-Davidson core sports model in the UK is the XL. These bikes offer the lightest frame made by Harley-Davidson, which makes them the perfect choice for the first-timer.

• Touring

Also referred to as a bagger, touring Harleys range from road-trip-ready to fully dressed touring bikes. This is the perfect bike for those long trips.

• V-Rod

The V-Rod is Harley’s newest model and a very interesting one at that. Their intent was to combine the classic Harley attributes with the aspects that make the Japanese imports so popular both in the States and in Europe.

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